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    After 5 months with Pre #1, and plenty of time to upgrade, customize, and add several unofficial aps, I decided to play some touch football w/my 8-year old son over the weekend... and forgot the Pre was in my pocket, unprotected.

    Yep, screen broke. I had one large and one small crack, both radiating from the center button area but the phone still worked. On Monday, I took it to my local Sprint store. The sales guy looked at it, said it was user damage, and that it would cost me $120 for a repair (I missed the optional coverage adder in March). I said thanks, but no thanks. After visiting another store, they told me the same thing. By then, the phone had stopped working and I had a flight out that afternoon - I NEEDED MY PHONE!! I returned to the first store, and got another rep. She had helped me replace my wife's Pixi the week before (dead screen), and recognized me. This time, the crack location was accepted as a known issue and I got a replacement phone at no charge. Woo-hoo! Made the flight with time to spare.

    Then, I realized I had no MP3s on the new phone, my password data (via Keyring) was gone, and I would have to restore ClassicNotes again.

    Here's the question: how can I backup the unofficial ap data to prevent this from happening again?

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    The only way to do this, I think, is connect to your PC/MAC via USB as a USB drive, open the drive window and copy the contents into a folder on your desktop. If you need to reload your Pre, or a new one, just copy it all back. I'm pretty sure I've done this with success. But, honestly, I am on Pre number 6 and I have done a lot of playing around and re-loading, so the lines blur for me a bit. Hope this helps!
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    Make sure you give Save/Restore in Preware a try - it allows you to backup application-data to the usb-partition.
    If you are missing a specific app make sure you let the developers know.
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    True, best way to copy off the Pre is in USB mode and just copy the entire drive. Replacing is a different story and I would do this one folder/application at a time.
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    Thanks, guys. Since I was in a hurry, I never had a chance to download the files before exchanging phones. I guess I'll know better next time... if there IS a next time!

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