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    Just out of curiosity what app do you want ?

    I have had my Palm since July and honestly there is not 1 single app that I just had to have. The only apps that I have are free and I very rarely use them. As far as the paid apps go I have not seen one that just blew me away and I had to buy it. So I personally don't think you are missing anything from the app store.
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    OK - here's the app I want. With my Tre I used PassWords Plus to store all my passwords. I would like a comparable program that works with my Pre. There is one, called I think Safe Box. I downloaded a trial version of it. But in about 40 days it stops working unless you buy the full version, and this I cannot do. So now I'm looking for a web-based password manager that I can access through the webpage on my Pre. Or something. Suggestions welcomed!
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    But the last time I tried to download a homebrew app I had the same problem - my country was not listed. Or is there a way to download homebrews without going through precentral?
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    Thanks - I'll investigate.
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    My plan right now is to buy a new Pre Plus as soon as it is available in Germany. Together with the phone I'm planning on getting a 5 prepaid O2-card. Then activate the phone with the card but in Sweden (is that possible). Hopefully that will give me a functioning phone.

    It is very frustrating dealing with a phone company so completely whipped by the carriers, when as a swede/european/not american, I'm so used to owning my own hardware. I'm pretty sure that this behaviour, if tried in the courts, is illegal under the laws of the european common market. The item was sold to me in Germany and I have to be able to bring it to another common market country and use it, including advertised functions such as buying applications. Does anyone know any common market lawyers??

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    So, besides from getting the seller to activate it in Germany my safest (but not safe) bet would be to activate it with the O2 card in the phone, using wifi, and a german ip through a proxy. Or even better, in a cave with no access to any swedish mobile stations... But if I activate it for the first time with the O2 card in the phone that IMEI should be used and stored, no?

    I'm also interested in the EU-court route, as a more long term option..

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