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    I had the 800 off from 4/7 till today because it was too alpha. Today I saw an update on the thread saying alpha was nearly complete, so I decided to take the plunge again. Only this time I was better at going about things. For some reason though, the 800 seemed to install itself (I guess that's unrelated). Now on the 2600, I am happy with this more than 1.4 with .sh. The battery and experience helped.

    Running 800mhz with 2600 seidio. Good combination. I think i'll be able to get through a 12 hour shift with it (the battery).

    No heating issues or substantial battery loss to note so far/so ...

    Feels like a new phone. Really need this to make the web browser load times bearable. With blazing speeds at home I am a little spoiled and need snappier load times when away.
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    There is also an app that lets you throttle your CPU down to 125 from 800 dynamically. I haven't tried it yet, but those who have swear by it.

    And welcome back

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