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Since no one is helping in that direction , I have to help myself someway, but I have found that my trick has a problem too ....

For some contacts I use a call by call provider while "abroad". This means that some of my contacts are double

contact1 ==> (normal_tel_number1)
example 0039444555666
contact2 ==> (provider_number)p(normal_tel_number1)
example 0049123456p0039444555666

the 2 contacts were unlinked.

Now out of some reason if I get a call or an sms from contact1 (i.e. without "provider_number") palm says I have got a call/sms from contact2 (i.e. with "provider_number" and associates the 0049123456p0039444555666 number to it.

So if I try to reply to the sms or answer to the call it will automatically use the 0049123456p0039444555666 number instead of 0039444555666 causing for example in the case of an sms reply an error!!!

  1. I have found no way to convince the pre to treat those 2 contacts as 2 different separated contacts: is there a way to do it?
  2. I have found no way to set a primary number i.e. if you get a call/sms from something containing 0039444555666 associate it with contact1 and not with contact2: is tehre a way to do it?

at the end of the day.. the pre is too intelligent and this makes things difficult. A "stupid" normal mobile manages this without problems!