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    Hey PreCentral Pals,

    I have this on word of the Word Ace team that there will be a Chip Sale double price deal tomorrow as a way of, i guess, celebrating tax day...

    So basically this means if you pick up 1 million chips using the Get Stuff/Chips link you get 2 million, or if you pick up 2.5 million, they give you 5 million! This means you can buy more gifts for people with you chips, or as I like to do throw chickens at your opponents ;-)

    hope you guys are as happy about this is I am!!


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    I was pretty sure tax day was April 15th..
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    I was pretty sure tax day was April 15th..
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    I guess if you want to get technical April 15th at midnight marks the last moment...

    but whatever, you get the point ;-) By today you know what your refund will be, might as well put a bit into chips, unless its not ur thing...

    anyways just spreading the word.
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    Thanks alot bro..just picked some up...
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    It's the post-taxtravaganza! That's why it's after tax day - we didn't want to... uh... distract you from filing your taxes. Yeah!


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