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    I believe problem is with sprint not palm on replcement. I went to sprint to repair or get replacement for my pre on tuesday. Rep told me to pay $100 for upgrade( which I think it's downgrade) or wait 2 weeks for replacement. I decided to wait for it. Today morning I got a call saying replacement has arrived.
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    Quote Originally Posted by neville View Post
    I may be thread-jacking here...

    But whenever I go online to the palm site they always refer me to go to the Bell store... which I've always been given the worst service at. My phone gets stuck in headset mode (the hardware issue) all the time and I really am getting tired of not being able to listen to music in fear that I won't be able to switch out of it without a Q-tip.

    Do you guys offer the same $29.95 ship + replace/repair for Bell customers?
    Unfortunately we can not do Bell replacements. All replacements / repairs have to go through Bell themselves.

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    Well according to Boy Genius they are ordering the C40....

    C40 Inventory Order --Boy Genius
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikah912 View Post
    I think "slapping together" new hardware in a rush job from China would probably be a bad idea.
    Rush job? The final hardware design of the current Pre has been done and over with for over a year, unless the people designing the hardware are also the ones developing the software, you would think someone would have put some thought into what the next generation phone will look like.

    It's not rocket science, they have done it before. And, just because Palm is based in cali, doesn't mean they make the phones there, they are made, as you surely know, in China!
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    I also had to wait for a replacement.....2 days....before I got my replacement same day in the Sprint store.
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    Great example. The Pre was announced after however long in a design studio, then took 6 months to come to market after reports of production issues reduced Sprint's initial stock....and it was STILL shoddy and plagued with defects.

    More defects followed the Plus to Verizon.

    I'm thinking some more time and thought may be required for a next gen WebOS device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by saluki42 View Post
    Well according to Boy Genius they are ordering the C40....

    C40 Inventory Order --Boy Genius
    Just a mention of it in a short article, didn't see it listed in any of the forms shown. Screenshots or it didn't happen.
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    I hardly think a shortage of Pre's is a sign of a new device. Generally they would start trying to clear inventory as soon as a new device is announced by cutting prices dramatically leading up to launch day. I think it's more than likely that Sprint is tired of swapping out Pre's and has put it on the naughty 17% list. That means that 17% or more of devices sold come back needing replacements and so they've decided to push customers into a different phone so try and save cash. The original Touch Pro is on the 17% list.

    It could also just mean that they ran short or that the production push Palm made for the VZW Pre Plus kept them from being able to produce Pre's for Sprint.
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    What also speaks against a new Palm device, C40 rumors or not, is that AT&T and Vodafone are just now getting the Pre Plus....if Sprint were to get a new and hopefully better device, what are the chances of people on AT&T rushing out to go buy the "old" model?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MannyZ28 View Post
    What also speaks against a new Palm device, C40 rumors or not, is that AT&T and Vodafone are just now getting the Pre Plus....if Sprint were to get a new and hopefully better device, what are the chances of people on AT&T rushing out to go buy the "old" model?
    exactly.. there may be shortages in certain areas because stores do not want to retain the physical inventory. I doubt we will see a new palm device before mid to late summer at the earliest.

    Palm will surely be purchased by someone within the next month or two. They are bleeding bad.
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    I just had to get my Pre replaced and they said they ordered me one... so no low inventory at my Sprint store.
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    Personally, I would never consider buying a new Pre Plus on AT&T if I knew Sprint was gonna have their next Palm Phone in just a couple months. No matter what is really going on, we will not know about the next Palm Phone until just a month or so before it comes out.
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    My phone was just replaced last week for usb issues and my local store actually ordered 2 phones for me because the first one had a broken touch screen when it arrived they had to order a second one. No issues with low stock was ever mentioned and both phones arrived the day after they were ordered.

    I think some of these sprint stores may have just decided to cut their losses and force people to pick something else rather than keep replacing faulty Pre's.
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    Maybe you guys aren't dealing with retail stores and instead are dealing with independent chains.
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    Xibalba, I think you're right on. I've had unbelievable bad luck on speakers which they apparently cannot fix at the store. I had one horrible manager and I moved to another company store. They always take care of you and haven't failed to offer me any phone in the store based on the fact that I'm on my 10th Pre of which 7 of them had speaker failures. I love the phone so I stick to the Pre. Best I've ever owned for doing both phoning and computing. Camera rocks and now that I've converted my Audibles into Mp3 so Music Remix plays them I'm fine. I'd like to find a better MP3 player but that's where I'm at now.

    I guess it would be nice to have Docs To Go on webos but Google docs works with just a few extra steps.

    I sure hope they come out with a later, improved phone version on Sprint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Black View Post
    You can easily fix this yourself. Pop off the power button with an office pin. Use the open pin to pull the little gold metal strip that you see inside up a little. Do not pull on it hard or you'll break it. Replace the button and you should be fine
    What's an office pin? Do you mean a paper clip? A tac (aka pushpin)?
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    Got a new phone as a replacement on Monday. On my 3rd pre now. 1st one bad navigation
    2nd (Refurb) one Bad external speaker.
    All were skinned with phantom skinz
    New one looks great and works great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkeye74 View Post
    It's been my experience that the Pres don't last very long. I'm on my fourth one since October. That could be part of the problem. I have talked to a few people that have the Pres and they have all had problems that require replacement. I got my fourth one about a week ago and it had v1.1 software on it. You'd think they would update the software before sending out the replacement phones.
    I have had mine since the pre shipped in June of 2009. I have had no problems with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToniCipriani View Post
    Yes and you have to add the man hours, cost of doing so.
    Yes, True. I'm going to make an example of what i consider a smart company. I'm in the heating and ac field and familiar with a furnace manufacture called Trane. And what they do for their blower motor modules is they make them all the same, and at first they are all dumb until they get put in to a furnace and a certain ROM gets loaded in to them with all the parameters of that particular model. One module will work on all of their furnaces and the same steps goes in to their newer circuit boards. The point is why worry about extra inventory from any particular carrier when all they really have to do is make 2 types of dumb pre's, a GSM and CDMA. And depending on how many carriers are requesting, then take them dumb pre's out, load up a Rom, and etch the logo on what was a blank mirror.
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    my pre screen crack by usb I have had every defect. Iam my 8 pre my sprint store was out of pre couldn't get replacement said you get new def liking that.
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