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    everytime I do a mobile search from the pre...the google mobile site will randomly choose a new language causing me to have click "view in english" anyone else?
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    I have had that problem also but havent had the problem i a while. I dont know if there was something that I did or was on Googles end. So your not alone.
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    Mine does the same thing. I believe that it's always been spanish or french, though (usually spanish).
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    Same thing here, usually French.
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    Yep, me too. However, I haven't had that problem for a few weeks now. Somebody must have done something cause I didn't do anything. . . . .
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    yup same here...every now and then. Not a huge deal...just odd.
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    Sure does. Randomly picks French or Spanish. Maybe Google is trying to teach us a foreign language
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    Thanks for the reply's guys. I just wanted to verify that I was not going crazy! I tend to think it's my fault before I blame the software but this was happening too frequently!
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    Mine too. I've seen French, Spanish, & Chinese.
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    This just started happening to me yesterday. Japanese, Italian, and Spanish in my case.
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    I get the same thing. Is there a way to fix this?
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    I get German occasionaly on mine as do other O2UK users.
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    a restart seems to have fixed it (for now)
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    This just happened to me tonight. All of the sudden it's giving me French. Quite annoying.
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    Found a (temporary, maybe?) fix.

    • Searched for a random word and it came up in French
    • Tapped Preferences near the bottom of the screen (which was still in French)
    • Tapped More Settings on the top right
    • Tapped Save Settings at the bottom
    • Closed card
    • Searched for a random word and it came up in English!

    Blam. Comes up English now. Note that once I went into "More Settings", it magically was English again. All language options were already English too. I just tapped save. Clearly some kind of Google bug, but I'm sure they'll deny it.

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    Yeah, I recently had my Google Mobile change to Spanish. It is easy to fix - next time it happens, just click the link on the bottom of the Google home page that says to view the page in English. Then, copy and paste the URL address of the English page (scroll the page down so the address bar shows, click on it, if it isn't highlighted already then do gesture+A, do gesture+C to copy). Then, go into your Bookmarks, find your Google Mobile bookmark, and paste the new URL to replace the old URL and save it. (The new URL is almost identical to the old one, it just has an added little bit at the end that tells Google to load in English.)
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    If i just turn data off and back on it appears to solve the different language issue
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