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    So, I just got my first ever bluetooth headset to complement my Pre Plus. Seems to work nice for calls so far. I guess the real test will be calls when I'm walking outside.

    Anyway, my question is this: can I use the bluetooth to listen to music or sound from games, etc? I downloaded this free radio station app and the music won't seem to play through the bluetooth, but my calls go through it. Am I trying to do something that's impossible? I have no idea.
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    yes. It takes bluetooth stereo headsets to do that.
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    Oh, so a regular bluetooth ear bud thing won't do it? I wasn't getting it for anything besides calls anyway, so it's not a big deal. Just want to make sure I'm not missing anything. So the ONLY sound I can get is phone call related?
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    Bluetooth devices support different "profiles", which means they can do different things. Typically, Bluetooth headsets only support the "handsfree" profile, which means they can only do phone calls. The Palm Pre also supports A2DP (music) and a couple of others that let you transfer contact info. If you get a headset or stereo headphones or a car stereo that supports A2DP, you can stream music from the Pre. You need to specifically check the documentation for devices to see exactly what profiles they support.
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    you can stream music wirelessly to any speaker system that supports a2dp. I have the blueant m1 and stream music to it from my pre. Works great!

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