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    So, I seem to have encountered what I would consider to be my first major problem with my recently purchased Pre Plus. I was in a store this afternoon looking at bluetooth headsets and wanted to get on the web to see how it was rated and if I could get a better price anywhere. I opened my web browser and went to, but once I was at the web site, the touchscreen was non-responsive: I couldn't click any links, type in search boxes, zoom in, scroll, etc. I could still make phone calls, send texts, open apps, etc. Only in the web browser did the touch screen not work. This scares me b/c its an obviously an issue with the phone. Up to this point, the only "issue" I've had is with the GPS being a bit buggy, but nothing major there. However, the web browser is something that I expect and need to work on demand (providing I have a signal). I contemplated swinging by the Verizon store where I purchased the phone, but let's face it, those guys don't REALLY know anything about the phones they are selling. I decided to just shut down and restart and that did the trick. But it takes a few minutes to shut down and start back up. I've had the phone just about a week now, so I'll give it another couple weeks, but if that issue arises again, I might be out of the Palm family for the time being. That's really disappointing b/c WebOS is awesome and I love the phone, but the web has just gotta work consistently for me.
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    like with every smart phone it can happen that it freezes and you should restart the phone at least once a day anyhow there is a patch for that where yoou can set a time for the restart. and if you install the 800mhz kernel the phone will be way more responsive and fast. and yes verizon sales people have no clue about the pre.
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    Is restarting once a day THAT important? I had a flip phone and don't think I turned it off in 3 years. I guess I can get used to that.
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    i think once a day restart is probably overkill, but probably doesn't hurt. Luna restarts often get the trick done without having to wait forever for the phone to restart.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kkumar99 View Post
    i think once a day restart is probably overkill, but probably doesn't hurt. Luna restarts often get the trick done without having to wait forever for the phone to restart.
    What is that?
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    i think its normal to restart the phone at least once a day..this program does it for u and u can set it to do it in the early am so u dont have to do it manually...
    anyways smartphones should be restarted normally just like pcs so they can have a fresh state

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    Quote Originally Posted by YankBoy View Post
    What is that?
    get the luna manager from preware or webos quick allows you to do the quick luna restart instead.
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    yes since a palm pre isnt a normal dump phone anymore it is an computer in pocket size it needs freqent restarts since it does so much more and constanly uses data a flip phone is a normal that doesnt do barely half what the pre does and like a laptop u have to shut it down to to get it running at its best and once a day for the pre is good so u alsways have it at its best performance every smartphone needs that or they start acting up and also cleaning aout the cache and things in your webbrowser on the palm pre you should ddo once in a wile it piles up to much data and slows it down.
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    get preset reset and it will restart the pre each day to a specific time you choice like in the night when you sleep so the phone is up and fresh on the next day

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