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    Is there a maximum number of calendars that can be displayed in the WebOS calendar via Synergy? I happen to have a fairly large number of calendars:

    1. palm profile
    2. facebook
    3. flightview
    4. my default calendar (google)
    5. y-guides for child #1 (google)
    6. church group #1 (google)
    7. church group #2 (google)
    8. church group #3 (google)
    9. y-guides for child #2 (google)
    10. church group #4 (google)
    11. weather (google)
    12. church group #5 (google)
    13. son's calendar (google)
    14. YP Mobile

    I just recently added my son's calendar (#13), but I can't get it to show up. And I'm wondering if anyone else has seen a limit to how many calendars can be synced via synergy.
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    Twitter: dullgeek
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    Try rebooting your phone. I had this issue with adding a calendar, and this made it show up. Also, did you do a manual sync in your calendar app?

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