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    From time to time I have an issue that annoys me as I can neither detect what causes the problem nor what fixes it.

    My display out of the sudden turns into something that I would describe as black & white with a very low brightness. See attached picture.

    What really drives me crazy that I am unable to determine what causes my Pre to go in this mode and even more return to the standard screen after a while (hours). Restart does not help, it might be that charging has something to do with return back to normal screen as the Pre was always linked to a charger via USB or on the touchstone.

    I searched the web but did not find anyone with the same problems - who can help or has an idea what to check?

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    I'm going to go with hardware issue... never even heard of that happening before. I'd say try Doctoring and see what happens? No idea what else to do.
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    This has happened to me a handful of times... It doesn't require me to do anything, within a minute to goes back to normal.

    I have 800mhz kernel, cpu scaler and many patches.....

    what all have you done with ur pre?
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    It does not require me to do something or better - whatever I tried it did not seem to have any impact. Unfortunately mine takes hours to go back to normal.

    What have I done to my Pre - nothing special - obviously PreWare and some patches but none were I would see a relation to display.
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    My screen gets totally black, no shapes as in the image from first post.
    The phone itself is still working, if I push the on/off button I can hear the sound from the shutdown dialog.
    Happens often when using the webbrowser.

    Seems to happen since webOS 1.4.
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    my phone has been going dark on it's own as wel. It stared happening after the last update. I do have the 600 patch installed. I have noticed as well since the last update when opening up apps, (on my wifes pre as well) that it leaks light up from the top of the gesture area up the screen in like a dotted pattern. Kind of weird.

    Maybe it is a hardware issue, I don't know. But for this to be happening on my pre as well as my wifes, after the update?
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    My phone does this too and sometimes it is followed by a reset. This has been happening since 1.4.0 and I have doctored countless amounts of times with no change.
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    I've noted that my screen dims every know and then, and then comes back to original brightness. No rhyme or reason as to when or why it happens.
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    Yeah my screen just dims from time to time and comes back..thats all i've being experiencing.

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