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    I searched but didn't see any solutions for this besides a similar problem know as the sound icon bug, but that bug went away with the latest update it seems...but this is only caused when I apply physical pressure to the phone.

    Whenever I apply very slight pressure to the phone around the ear piece with the phone closed the screen lights up as if I have tapped the power button (lock screen).

    I opened he phones slider and applied pressure to just the back pane by the headphone jack area and it lights up but there is no sound icon (bug fixed with latest updated I believe)...but it still lights up.

    Is this caused by the phone thinking it is getting headphones plugged in, or a short in the power button thinking its being pressed?

    Whenever I get a call I reach into my pocket and if the phone pushes against my leg slightly it thinks I'm tapping the power button and the ringer goes off, if it gets bumped 2 times it'll ignore the call.

    Anyone find a fix for this? Or for sure of the cause...I am figuring its the headphones jack?

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    sounds simliar to my problem i had a while back except it got to the point that the phone was thinking headphones were also being plugged in and out which got annoying when trying to make phone calls.

    ultimately I had no choice but to get the phone repaired. when i took in the phone they said the screen half of the phone was damaged and it would cost 120 to fix because i had some scratches on the phone thus voided the warranty. a few of the reps at the sprint store insisted that i just use my insurance but out of fear of having to start swapping phones every so often (this is still my launch day pre) i told them i wanted it fix but refused to pay the ridiculous amount because of some scratches. fortunately the store manager saw it my way and pulled some strings and only charged me 30 dollars

    hopefully your phone doesn't have some scratches otherwise you will have to pay to replace or fix the phone.
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    mine is doing the same thing. Many times I take it out of my pocket and the screen is already on. Im gonna try to DR it when i get a chance but it does seem like a physical issue.
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    I just tried cleaning the headphone jack out with compressed air and a q-tip with a little rubbing alcohol with the phone off. Seems to take less pressure to make the screen come on now. I am guessing its the same speaker icon bug, but without the icon showing up now.

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