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    Just bought a 2.99 twitter app, and its stuck on downloading..
    Any ideas on how to get this app downloaded? I got a receipt from Palm so its paid for, but it will not download. Thanks!
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    How long are you waiting before determining that it is "stuck". Go to "List Apps..." in the Launcher menu and make sure that the app doesn't show up there. If it does, delete and try to download again. I wouldn't cancel a download if it gets "stuck" wait until you get a connection error. Are you doing this over wifi or 3G? Got a good signal?
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    signal is ok, I guess it could be better.
    I waited like 20 minutes... and it still says downloading. I am restarting the phone, and trying again. It lets me download it for free even tho it cost 2.99, so it knows i paid for it...

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