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    So new to the Pre, and I have 2 quick questions..

    1) I am trying to dowwnload the twitter application, and I put my credit card info in to pay for it, and it went thru, but it is stuck on downloading... How do I get it to download? Do I have to restart, and how do I not get charged again?

    2) Also, does tweeting count towards your text messaging? I only have like 250 text a month in my verizon package, and I hope that every tweet I send does not count. Thanks for any help!
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    If your purchase went through it should be saved to your Palm profile and you should be able to download again, with no extra charge.

    Tweets do not count toward your SMS texting limit. They go against your data plan. Likewise any IMs through Gtalk, facebook, yahoo, msn, etc. don't count towards your SMS texting limit.

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