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    Just got my Pre Plus today, everything is working great (even my location snapped right in). Since I've been lurking for a few weeks, I knew how great preware is and all its goodness.

    I'm not going to lie to you - once i really dove into the directions, i got a little nervous. When trying to figure out which WOSQI version to load, i came across many issues, bricked phones, problems with patches, etc.

    1) Please tell me it will be just fine.
    2) Please tell me which version of WOSQI I need to avoid problems.

    Thanks a million!
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    1.It will be just fine
    2. The most updated version of QI is 3.02
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    dont be scared. it is nearly impossible to brick a pre.
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    Haha no lie my friend. I just got an OG pre about a week ago and performing the surgery has me nervous as well. I'm far from gadget savvy. I think I'm going to try and have one of my geek homies (who I aspire to become haha) help me out over the weekend.
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    No worries, I felt the same way before installing preware on my phone. It really helped to know that its pretty damn hard to totally frak your pre. Even if you mess up (which is nearly impossible) its only a webos doctor away to being back to normal again.
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    thanks. will try in the morning!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hockey4life0099 View Post
    dont be scared. it is nearly impossible to brick a pre.
    Did anybody successfully brick a pre? Just curious...
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    I heard about -one- developer who fried his pre. But these guys were diving deep into the hardware of the pre and tormented the cpu a little too much. But I can not recall having heard of any bricking yet.

    Preware is -the- stuff that will unlock the true power of your phone. Or rather: it will give you access to apps and patches that provide a degree of customization that I would not believe to have existed on a phone before I saw it.

    A few examples:

    - If you are a linux geek, you can ssh into your phone. You have a Terminal application and can fiddle around with the OS almost like with a linux system on your pc.

    - You can put your phone on crack and overclock the cpu up to 800 MHz. The difference to the stock speed is amazing. The pre just flies. You will never want to go back. Despite of the accident mentioned at the top of this post, overclocking is regarded as mostly safe by now. As far as I know, absolutely no harm came from published overclocking patches.

    - Want more pages in the launcher? Want more icons on the pages? Want your battery icon actually show the remaining power in percent? Want messaging for yahoo, icq, aim, jabber, ... ? Go for the patches from preware!

    A pre without preware is like buying a Porsche and only drive to the ice cream parlour. And every mistake you can make can be undone with the help of the WebOS-Doctor. Go for it, the ballyhoo is fully justified.

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    Well, first thing I installed on my Pre was Preware. Wasnt scared of installing SOFTWARE on my Pre, but I am scared of of overclocking, because it touches the hardware. On the other hand i want my Pre to run faaaast...
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    I was anxious & confused (a bad mix!!!) about installing Preware.

    In the end I found this guide

    which helped me through

    Still a bit baffled about overclocking, I'll wait a while for that
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    Preware is what makes the phone fun - you can easily make it perform to your needs by reading the patches and choosing what you need or want.
    So much different than old Windows Mobile where you also had to maintain it, close windows, watch memory, . . . it was fun at first but then I remembered maintaining my computer is hard enough, maintaining a phone is ridiculous!!!
    And so easy to remove if you don't like what you added.

    Just remember to remove Preware, easily done, if you take your phone in for any questions or service. I forgot, they made notes about my "hacking the phone, custom rom". I had Dev Mode patch showing - so I doctored and went to another store. They saw notes - I batted eyes (yes, I'm blond), said no idea of what they are talking about - I used WebosQI, have apps they might not recognize, but cannot "hack phone or add custom roms, that is Windows" They discussed and agreed, serviced phone. This is from the same people that hacked the heck out of Windows before they went to Droid. They used to tell me how to do it, now I think Sprint is getting tighter on insurance, so this reaction is highly possible.

    So, clean your phone up before you go in just in case.
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    You should have nothing to worry about. I have been using preware since it first came out. In all honesty, since using it and installing patches - you will not want to go back. The WebOS internals team does a bang up job with updating - and like it has been mentioned before, it is nearly impossible to brick a pre.
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    Do it and and you'll never use a stock pre again. I gaurandamntee it.
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    I was paranoid too, got my Pre in July and waited several months before saying "What the heck". I patched away and haven't looked back since.

    The Pre is kind of like a computer. If it gets screwed up to the point of no return you can "Re-image" it. WebOS Doctor is pretty spiffy like that.
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    I started patching last September, have had very few problems. As long as you follow instructions precisely from the Guru's you will be fine. In the early days there were those that would forget or wouldn't remove patches before doing updates. Then those that wouldn't remove or forget to remove themes, real disaster.

    As I understand the 800MHz kernal change is not ready for and may change that kernal back to 1.4???? I ran 800MHZ on 1.4 and had no problems, very fast, Pre ran cooler and less battery use. I can live with 500MHz until the kernal update is available. After watching the video comparing the two, 800MHz is faster, but I can wait a few seconds for an app to open until the update is available so I don't cause other problems.

    I am leading edge, just not bleeding edge. HOpe that helps you.
    Clie>Treo 600p> Treo 650p>Treo 755p>Treo 800w>Palm Pre
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    I was WOSQI'd into my phone the first day I had it and bumped up to 600mHz with no ill-effects. Don't be scared! good luck..
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    its extremelly easy and its impossible to brick a pre so nothing to worry about you can always go back to stock.
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    Preware is GREAT! Wont lie things can go wrong but I have had next to no issues with Preware my self!

    Palm Pre- > HTC EVO 3D > HTC One X > Samsung GSIII

    If any of my posts help you please thank me!!
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    I was leery of it too.. then I just said "what the heck" and tried it. I'm taking baby steps.. a patch here (battery % indicator, agenda) and there. I'm also worried about what happens when a new WebOS update comes in, but the more I read about it in PreCentral forums the more confidant I become.
    These Preware and Internal developer folks are amazing!!.. help them out and donate! They help make our pre/pixis fun and effective! Thanks!

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