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    Let me start by saying, I REALLY don't wanna doctor my pre plus... I love exactly how it is setup... and don't think I'd be able to reproduce it, BUT! When comparing the the other 2 pre plus' I've installed preware/patches/overclock onto... I've noticed mine seems... dull. Both of theirs running exactly the same apps/settings/background processes/overlock seem way more snappy and crisp than mine. I've also noticed my LED bar seems extremely dim even when brightness is turned up to 100% compared to theirs at ~50%

    Is this something a doctor might fix? Or should I go for the replacement?
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    The led is not software related AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $and$ $the$ $speed$ $difference$ $could$ $be$ $for$ $several$ $reasons$ $primarily$ $whether$ $or$ $not$ $they$ $were$ $restarted$ $recently$ $and$ $whether$ $or$ $not$ $they$ $have$ $jstop$ $and$ $ran$ $a$ $garbage$ $collect$
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    I'm comparing the devices side by side from a cold boot.
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    they all have the exact same set of patches correct?
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    the exact same of the ones that matter... I can open preware and whilst it loads feeds, open the launcher and scroll seamlessly and smoothly on the other device whereas mine has just a little bit of jitter and lag, both on the 720 patch
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    Honestly I'm stumped hopefully one of the experts will drop in and shed some light on this
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    shamless self bump
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    would really like some feedback on this.
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    gotta doctor. if u get a new phone its the same work to reinstall everything anyways
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    Doctoring now, I can only hope this solves my issues.

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