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    just started happening a couple days ago after my phone updated. ive tried a partial erase and it didnt help any

    so basically when i get a text message it no longer plays my text message alert but rather my notification or system alert sound. any one else experience this? or know how to fix? thanks guys.
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    I updated my phone and I have the same problem.
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    you guys should both doctor your phones, then see what happens.

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    Can't you go set the what sound you want under "Sound & Ringtones"
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    neitzl, you would figure that would do it but its not workin. ive set a diff sound for each notification and it stilll doesnt play my text alert i had set for it.

    im bout to doctor my phone right now because im also havin a few probs with patches. ill let yall know how that goes.
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    miteymouse: try goin into your messages then prefrences. i just found out you can change the ringtone from there after i doctored my phone already so that may or may not work for you.
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    Thanks tOnerz. That fixed the prob.

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