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    My wife is up for a new phone, and we really don't want to deal with Sprint and wait for a rebate. Best Buy gives a much better deal, but we have no idea what our responsibility is once we buy from them.

    Do THEY handle all our customer service and warranty needs, or does Sprint?

    Is our insurance through Sprint/Assurion or Best Buy?

    How are they to deal with, in general?

    Honestly, I'd much rather buy from Walmart, because they give a great deal, but then you do everything afterward through Sprint. BUT, the one near us only offer's the Pixi. No Pre, Hero or Moment.

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    stay away from best buy! at least dont buy there black tie protection, thats garbage.
    If you do buy from them and you have a problem after 30 days then you deal with the carrier, during the first 30 days its all best buy.
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    I got my first Pre from Best Buy back in June. I also used the Black Tie warantee to get it replaced a couple months later when I accidentally broke the screen. I never had any problems with them.
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    my only experience with the black tie program was a bad one, I got it with my tv and when it broke i took it in and they had to send it away to who knows where and when i got it back after a few weeks it still wasnt working.
    Thats why im bitter towards best buy
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    If you buy it from Best Buy, you can still get Sprint insurance. You just have the additional option of getting Best Buy insurance. Before getting Best Buy insurance, I would speak with the mobile manager and see how they handle their stores. Some stores will allow you to do an in-store exchange immediately and some will send you off to the repair store. They also offer battery protection, so if your battery starts dropping charge any time within the first two years, they will replace it for you.

    To get the Sprint insurance, you can add it from your account within the first 30 days. There will be numerous references/warnings about this on the paperwork and receipt.

    As for how they were to deal with....every time I go in there, the mobile section is exceedingly busy and since they only have two people and a bunch of dumb families and paperwork to deal with, it's SLOOOOOOW. But I never had them try to push me to get this or that service, accessory, or phone and found them very helpful and happy to set up my phone and make sure I leave out the door with everything in order. I'm glad I got it there, and the next phone (I just became a Sprint Premier customer, woot!) I get will likely be from Best Buy as well.
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    I bought my Pre from the local bodega cell store but the sales rep @ sprint said it is covered by sprint alayh (as long as you have) TEP.
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    my last 4 phones have been through best buy, it takes about 45 mins to an hour on average. More if there is a line. But worthwile to get the rebate instantly. As far as insurance I already had asurion which is sprints insurance. I would ask sprint about that and highly recommend it. I had to use it with 2 different phones and it was great. Ur replacement phones comes in 1-2 days during the week.
    something new I noticed on my last upgrade is there was an $18 activation fee. That's first time I paid an activation fee since joining sprint in 05.
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    I purchased the Touch Pro from Best Buy without a problem. Instant rebates are very nice. As for the Black Tie Protection, I've had two phones replaced. The first time was the Touch Pro and Best Buy replaced it pretty quickly under rapid exchange with my choice (Palm Pre).

    However, when my Pre's touchscreen stopped working and the gesture area as well, the Black Tie Protection wasn't as pleasant. I was told the Palm Pre wasn't classed as rapid exchange so I was using my Treo 700wx for nearly a month. I did receive a brand new Pre without paying a deductible though.

    Buying the phone at Best Buy should be ok. Ask the Mobile Manager if the Pre is still not classed as rapid exchange. If it's still not classed as rapid exchange, consider purchasing the Sprint insurance (TEP).
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    I would defintly but the Pre from best buy you can't beat the no rebates deal. Now as far as the insurance goes. It really depends on the Best Buy. The one in Clarskville TN is great but then I went to one in St. Louis MO and they were horrible. So if you feel like you got a good best buy that will work with you then get the black tie. If not then go with Sprint insurance plan. You can buy the phone from best buy and add the sprint insurance to it.
    Sprint insurace is cheaper only 7 as Best buy is 10.
    The first 30 days will be all Best Buy they will replace your phone with a new one or you can get a different one but you wil have to pay the price difference it there is any.
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    I'd recommend sticking with the Sprint insurance. My Best Buy people told me the Pre doesn't qualify for rapid exchange anymore and they have to send them out to their repair center before that happens. This wasn't the case when I first bought my Pre and Black Tie protection on launch day (I'll actually be on No. 3 if this one needs replacing). I'm on Day 10 without my Pre and still waiting...should have just gone to Sprint...I'd have had a replacement the next day. I'll probably be canceling my Black Tie plan after this's a waste of 10 bucks.
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    I ordered my Pre online from Best was a pain to get the price matching when the price dropped by $50 a week later from them, but I'm on my 3rd phone & the 2 I had replaced, I got from the Sprint repair center, no charge.
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    I think it's really a toss-up between the Sprint and Best Buy insurance. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. It really matters what is more important to you.

    The biggest advantage with Best Buy is that you don't have to pay a deductible, but it costs a couple bucks more per month and you will be without your phone for a while.

    With Sprint they ship your replacement out right away but you have to pay a $100 deductible. Sprint also covers loss/theft where Best Buy does not.

    So if you don't want pay a deductible and don't mind waiting for a new phone, go with Best Buy. If you want a quick replacement and don't mind paying the $100 deductible, then go with Sprint. If you have a habit of losing phones or you think theft may be a problem, then go with Sprint.

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