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    Title says it all. I am trying to connect my pre to my computer to put some music on it. I do this every couple of days, but today when i plugged my phone in, i got an error on my comp saying usb device not recognized.
    I have tried restarting both my phone and my comp and nothing seems to be working.
    I even reinstalled novacom and i still cant get it to recognize my phone.
    any help would be great
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    Im having the same problem
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    same here, any help?

    im thinking of doctoring... is that the only way?
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    If you're plugging it in the front trying plugging it into the rear of your computer.
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    POSSIBLE SOLUTION :If you can get to the command line using the terminus app.. type in "sudo mpt disable" .. I found that when i was tethering i came across this problem because my phone was in passthrough mode.

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