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    I just got my Pre Plus for Verizon but didn't want to activate it for a few days because I'm moving over from a Storm 2 and just want to make sure that I have all my info transferred over.....actually, I'm just nervous to make the move right away and wanted to play with the Pre Plus a little bit and get comfortable with the gesture area, cards and the WebOS.

    That's where I ran into a snag. I've never had a problem with any of my previous phones to play around with it before activating. But when I initially power it on, it asks me to choose the language preference and then goes to try to automatically activate the phone by calling *611?!?! It actually tries 2 times before it brings me to the last screen that says that the phone can't be activated, please call ........!!

    So the million dollar question is, is there absolutely no way that I can play with the Pre Plus and get myself familiarized with it while it's not activated??? There's gotta be a way around it.

    Please help!!
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    Gotta activate it before it setups the OS.
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    Thing about webOS is that you must create or log on to a Palm profile before it lets you do anything. Bell stores won't even sell you an unactivated phone here in Canada.

    I think there's a patch to bypass mandatory activation, that turns on Wi-Fi for profile creation though.
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    Not a patch, its actually quite in depth! Its called MetaDr and requires some linnux knowledge. Do a search and if you are comfortable with linnux it can be done.
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