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    Just got my Palm Pre Plus on Verizon. The hotspot works well but I did notice when using it over a period of hours the phone gets fairly warm ( not hot ). I'm not sure if this is just a function of how long I leave the hotspot on or if doing significant uploads with it had more effect. Of course it was on the charger the whole time.
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    if on the ts it will be much hotter. As is true if you are overclocked. From personal wxperience although I have a sprint Pre, charging via ts with or without the overclock is risky (while using mobile hotspot). I got mine to 49 degrees by accident once without the overclock. I would imagine what you were doing and how much data you were sucking up would cause an increase in temp. I recommend using the battery monitor app from preware.
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    I don't have a touchstone, just the original charger USB cable. No overclocking. Ok 49 celsius is 120 F So it might be better to charge, unplug, use hotspot, stop hotspot and recharge. Not sure how long hotspot will function unplugged. We'll see.
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    This is normal. My Treo Pro does the same.
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    I wouldn't worry about that. I have no overclock. I have used my pre plus with mobile hotspot both on usb charging and touchstone. It really gets hot.

    also no net charging is happening...
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    Totally normal. It's working its *** off so it's bound to get hotter than when it's idle in your pocket.
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    Normal. Nokia phones get warm too, when wlan-tethering.
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    Hot Spot creates warm Pre
    Better not let your pre lie on a hot spot, then.

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    I have found that all data intensive applications will make your phone warm if you are charging the phone at the same time. (Hot spot, navigation, browser, etc.)

    My pre got so hot once that it shut it self off and would not reboot until until it was cool again. I think I almost frakked it. Be careful and down load Jason R.'s temp monitoring application called Battery Monitor and also his temp warning patch.

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