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    Quote Originally Posted by nodforce View Post
    I agree the pre's touchscreen is the second best one I've ever seen. I'm just wondering what exactly makes the iphones touchscreen so precise and fluid
    Apple is currently the only company (in the smartphone market) that has designed their own interface between their software and the capacitive multi touch touch panel on their phones. All the other companies that are running capacitive multi touch panels in their phone use a third party designed interface.

    Apple's interface seems so fluid because the information from the touch panel gets fed to the hardware/software exactly how they want it to, rather than having to "deal" with how some other company has formatted a piece of hardware (interface) to handle information.
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    Apple is both a hardware and software company so they can achieve a tighter integration of both. This is also the reason why mac's work so well with their hardware as opposed to a Dell or HP computer where they licence the software and use third party parts that will function adequately.
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    Quote Originally Posted by billybennett View Post
    I think once we get to that point of hardware being enough power to handle webOS it will come down to things like framerates in games like it is for computers. I only wish Palm would just PDK the core apps and call it a day.
    But if they converted the core apps to use the PDK, then I don't believe you would be able to patch them they way we do. I think I'm OK trading a little performance for that capability.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stubbs View Post
    I really wish we could find a way to change the drag radius (or whatever the distance you have to move before it counts as a drag) to something like 5 pixels instead of the 25 I think it's set at now. That would help make it feel more responsive.
    any devs interested in this? it would make gaming a lot smoother
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    Quote Originally Posted by tony222 View Post
    any devs interested in this? it would make gaming a lot smoother
    Actually you can do it using jQuery's draggable plugin. Just don't use the Mojo drag stuff and do it yourself - it'll work.
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    If you download the sdk and run some samples, there are contact tests you can run, which prove the Pre could be just as smooth as the iPhone. The app simply updates the X/Y coordinates of your finger as you touch/drag the display. These numbers fire instantly as you drag, and give you very reliable results. It isn't the hardware, it isn't the touchscreen, it's all in the software.

    The iPhone renders it's visual on the GPU which can render the screen to a texture. Translating a texture on a GPU is ungodly smooth, as you see with the iPhone. WebOS runs all of it's graphics through webkit, which is rendered through a web browser on the CPU. Try scrolling very smoothly in your web browser on your desktop. It isn't as smooth as the iPhone either.

    Palm can fix this by using hardware-accelerated CSS transforms, which they hinted at using a while back. The 25px drag radius also makes the phone feel laggy, but was a design-decision that theoretically prevents unintended scrolling. Palm did say they would reduce this radius, but they have not just yet.

    In other words, it's completely fixable.
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    Agreed iPhone/iPad screen is incredible really.

    But playing with the HTC incredible, that matches it.
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    Zune HD's screen is pretty phenomenal.
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    It's the acceleration as Kevin1000000 mentioned above. Without GPU acceleration, and with everything running through interpreted code, it's going to be slower. That's why the responsiveness picks up so much when you overclock the phone. In my opinion, Palm would be wise to focus on the CSS transform acceleration first and foremost and get it on the phones as soon as possible. It would make a tremendous impact on the "in-store" feel of the phone when a customer goes to pick one up and try it out.
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    As others have pointed it, the issue is really software - the iPhone and the Pre have very similar tech specs. The issue with the Pre is really that it is a year old, 1.x, and the iPhone is 3.x. There is still alot of low-hanging fruit left for Palm/HP to improve (turning on GPU, ccs transforms, major improvements to webOS and SDK, Mojo, etc.). Palm has been VERY good about releases (about 1 major one each month), and they'll probably continue to do so. Each push seems to support all hardware: Pre, Pixi, Pre Plus, Pixi Plus, both GSM and CDMA. So they have a good track record over the past year in terms of updates. Most of those updates were related to turning on hardware or adding new functionality. Optimizations haven't been the priority (yet).

    They may be saving some dramatic optimizations for version 1.5 or 2.x. May be more of a marketing thing rather than a technical issue. The roadmap may get better, now that there is a solid future with HP.
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    I would imagine, transferring the UI work to the GPU is going to take a major re-vamp of the OS. Does anyone think this would happen soon?
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    The last time I check this forum was a palm forum. Now the talk of EVO,IPHONE has become a strong topic on here. There is so many people on here can't wait to jump ship for new devices. Wow,guess we are who we are. I'm just hoping the choices made are for the right reason.
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