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    As posted a bit ago, my phone is stuck at the palm screen. I decided just to doctor it. I was able to extract my database file but how can i get my phone in "media sync" mode so i can save my pics, music, video?? I read how to get in USB mode from this state, but I cant access any of those file.

    any help is highly appreciated!
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    WebOS Doctor does not touch the USB drive part.
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    you should be able to access all that stuff form usb mode photos taken by camera are in the dcim folder music I believe is in the ipod control folder videos of coarse are in the videos folder make sure your computer is set to unhide all folders because most of the folers are hidden folders
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    like colby can doctor the phone without having to worry about erasing those files. if u want to be safe (just in case lol) just get it into usb mode (if you're able to). i couldnt tell from your post if u tried that or not already...i know u said u couldnt see those files but they should be pretty easy to find once in usb mode. pictures will show up under the dcim folder (unless u created a different folder), music under music, and video will be under video

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