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    i have the 800mhz patch installed on my pre. I was installing the iphone agent spoof patch via WebOS QI. my phone shut off and never came back on. i powered it up and its stuck at the palm screen with no pulsing.

    i took out the battery several times. tried sym/org/r restart and the power/ringer restart and nothing.

    ive been searching for the past hour for a fix without having to doctor my phone. i realized that is what i might have to do. i went to WebOS QI and its connecting to my phone, i was able to transfer my backup file and i went ahead and removed the iphone user spoof to see if that would didn't.

    since my phone is being recognized by webos, is there anything else i can do to fix this?? is doctor my only resort?? i read that the iphone spoof was causing some problems similar to mine.
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    You could try to get the phone into USB mode then use WOSQI to remove the iPhone Spoof (if it's installed). Otherwise a quick visit to webOS Doctor will cure what ails ya.
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    Quote Originally Posted by speedtouch View Post
    webOS Doctor will cure what ails ya.
    pretty much sums it up, shame on you for trying to make your pre look like an iphone, that's what you get lol jk

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