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    I need help with homebrewing my new Pre. Sadly, it's my 4th one and I haven't kept up with homebrewing for the past few updates. I've installed webos quick install, and since, package manager and preware. But I can't go to tweaks and get them to work. It says I need to have gnu and lsdiff installed for tweaks to work, so I hit ok for them to install. And then nothing happens. I reset the phone, I've opened and closed webos doctor. I'm not sure what to do from here. I know this was how it was done a few updates ago, is there a new way to do it with 1.4.0? Help All the threads are about people who already have their phones homebrewed and are just updating from past versions to the current one. Please don't link me to the original how to get started with Preware, I've already been there and done that.
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    If you have the current version of Preware on your phone, you can install patches using Preware. There are still some patches that are still temporarily unavailable since the update.

    Or are you looking to install a tweak/patch that is not available through Preware?

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