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    All of a sudden now I'm starting to have alarm issues. My morning alarm never goes off. But if I set alarms during the day time for testing they all seem to work.

    my feeling is that overnight I don't use the phone so it goes into some sort of stand by/sleep mode. And then I have to hit the power button to wake the phone up and then the alarm goes off.

    since during the day time I am using my phone it stays in that awake mode and therefore the alarms during the day time go off fine.

    any suggestions on how to correct this? I have the original pre. Outside of palm updates and official apps in the app catalog I haven't done anything to the phone.
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    Mine seems to be intermittently problematic. Once a week or every other week I'll delete the alarm and that seems to keep issues at bay. Also noticed that my snooze had issues before the alarm started to act up and that tips me off to reset it.
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    Have you installed anything new recently? Maybe something else is causing the problem. I use mine every morning with no issues ~ knock on wood
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    I have a similar problem.

    I get tired of seeing the I guess "active" alarms in the dashboard. I swipe them away to clear out the dash and, like magic, all my alarms are now gone. Gone as in Non-existant in the app.

    I have found no pattern to whether an alarm will work or not. I have a vague concept of time at best and use alarm to schedule many events on a day to day basis. Setting a reminder in the calendar has never satisfied me, as it takes more work and it is much more difficult to manage changes.

    If anyone knows of a better alarm clock for WebOS, please let me know.
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    I have been having issues for months too and they seem to be getting worse with alarms that either don't go off or keep going off after being cancelled.

    I set alarms for taking vitamins 3X daily. Gradually, an alarm would stop working even though it shows as active. The only way to get it back is to delete it and put it back. But, even more annoying, an alarm may ring again within about a minute of being cancelled. Really gets me mad - so much so I took to rebooting the phone just to get rid of the repeat alarms.

    Other intense dislikes: Alarm will continue until battery dead; there is no way to have it sound for a certain period. Also, alarm sounds even if sound button turned off ... and that has been a problem in more than one meeting.

    Recently I gave up and started carrying my old Treo, where I use "Treo Alarm", the best alarm program ever. Far more flexible and bulletproof reliability. Sure wish someone could bring that program to the Pre!
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    Mine failed this AM as well as losing my email notification

    I just loaded preware and did the 800 patch yesterday so maybe that had something to do with it.

    Fortunately I'm still using my BB to get me up and set the pre to go off 15 minutes later.

    If it fails again It goes back and I'm sticking with BB... It sucks because I really like this phone. But what good is a snazzy OS if the thing isn't reliable...

    I travel a lot and REALLY depend on my phone working. I'd be OK if wake-up calls had a snooze

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