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    I, too, am a new Pre user and this has been great. Thanks to all.
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    Have a look at this thread if you want to get a feel for what patches people regard as essential.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HardBeatZ View Post
    Not to be mean or anything, but I haven't seen any patches that I MUST have, although I admit there are a lot of things that would be nice, there really isn't anything that I absolutely need to do that I can't do with a vanilla device.
    Palm Tech Support

    All responses given are based on a stock Pre. My responses not including the ability that Preware or patches have given the device, is not intended to be a negative light.

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    I know this dates for April, but I did not see it then. If all at Palm share these views, what hope have we got of seeing what the rest of us regard as essential patches appearing in webOS. (And I thought that he was such a good guy too. )

    I don't want my Pre to be a device that only does what "I absolutely need to do". I want it to do everything that I want to do. Fortunately, we have the Pre community, so it practically does that after patching.
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    My favourite patches:
    Character Counter
    Default to Month View
    Add Move To Folder
    Bookmark List Button
    New Card Button
    Select Alert And Notification Tones
    Video Download
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    this thread is the business just installed about 30 patches!!
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    question about patches. Do we need to uninstall them when there are webOS updates?
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    question about patches. Do we need to uninstall them when there are webOS updates?
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    virtual keyboard patch
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