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    The one that i absolutely love that i didn't see mentioned was the "hide the black" patch in Quick Install that takes away the rounded edges. The battery percent and 4x4 icons are definitely must haves. As far as apps, Mobile Hotspot and My Tether are great. Preware, of course. Oh yea, lets not forget the "Hide NASCAR App" hahaha.
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    Apps- in order of importance:

    DrPodder. I'm a podcast addict, and this blows everything else out of the water- everything. App Catalog
    Music Player Remix- Palm released a decent, but basic music app. I can't tell you how much I love flylists, bookmarks, scrubber, lyrics, and the quick-scroll letters on the side.- Homebrew
    Preware- I'm a homebrew junkie- i love to hack. iPod Touch jailbreaking, hackintoshing, and Pre hacking- I love it Beall. There's nothing like Preware- it truly puts Cydia for the iPhone to shame.- Homebrew
    Brightness Unlinked Every night I set my Pre+ on top of my Touchstone. My touchstone is on my quasi-nightstand which is right next to my bed. Normally, when you put a Pre on a touchstone it stays on the lockscreen, illuminating the area- this is annoying when you're trying to get some sleep. So every night, I open Brightness Unlinked, close it, and let the background service run. Then the screen turns off. Lifesaver.- Homebrew
    Scoop- Man, Scoop is awesomely fast. Speed, speed, speed. I'm an RSS fan and Scoop is king. -App Catalog
    Facebook- It's THIS close to being 100% up-to-par with the iPhone Facebook app. Man, I love this app. -App Catalog and Beta with notifications in Beta Feed
    LED Torch- Whether I'm wondering outside in the dark, or in a dark building or whatever, this is indispensable.- Homebrew
    Tweed- I love Tweed, but man, it's way too slow to load. It's painful. That aside, the best twitter client for webOS hands down.
    aniWeather- The most elegant Weather app for webOS. It's no HTC Weather, but it's animated, slick, fun, and free.- Palm Beta Feed
    Pandora- Come on, who doesn't love Pandora?- App Catalog

    Patches- in order of importance:

    Data in Device Menu- When the Pre is in my pocket at school or around town, I turn Wi-Fi and Data off- i don't need it then. It makes a significant difference in battery life. I mean it- it's like night and day. Can't live without it.
    SMS Vibrate to Five Seconds- The Pre's default vibrate is far too weak and short for someone who's as spacey as me to notice. This makes it impossible to miss. And I mean impossible.
    4x4 Icons v3- Self explanatory. Palm, why not build this in?
    Media Volume in Device Menu I'm very OCD, I need to be able to make incremental adjustments in my Pre's volume, and this does it very well. I had to use a version from the forums that's not in Preware to make it not conflict with the Brightness in Device Menu patch, but who cares?
    Brightness in Device Menu- Self explanatory. Palm... come on, this should be easy.
    Close Slider to End Calls- Self-explanitory. Before the Pre, I had a slider dumphone and got hooked on this feature.
    Device Temperature Warnings I have Pre Plus which has some heat issues, especially when it's on the touchstone... and I'd like to know when my Pre's going to get close to frying. Especially useful if you overclock, which I don't now, but useful if you don't too.
    Gesture Tap for Info and Delete- Makes it a snap to delete apps from the launcher. Palm, you need to implement this.
    Battery Percent and Icon White Red Teal- Do I need to elaborate here?
    Ringer Switch Icon- When you flip the ringer switch icon, this puts an icon in the menu bar- always nice to know, given my spacey nature.
    Hide App Vendors- Hide app vendors you hate *cough-BRIGHTHOUSE-cough*
    Slider Block Orientation Change- Self explanatory- but it only works in the browser. I'd love it to be system wide- hint hint...
    Disable LED Notifications for Email- No one likes to take out their phone, see a blinking LED, and see that it's just some stupid email. I don't need to know every time I have new email by seeing a blinking LED.
    MultiMod- Allows you to downloadfiles from the browser.
    Enable Landscape Email- Another no-brainer.
    Close on hangup- Closes the phone app automatically when a call ends.
    No Auto Refresh After Idle- Disables everyone's least favorite browser feature.
    Temperature with Battery in Device Menu- Always nice for an obsessive compulsive like me
    Video Downloads- Download videos right from the YouTube app.

    I have 33 patches in total, but these are my favorites by far.
    Last edited by Seb_or_Sam; 04/18/2010 at 10:22 AM. Reason: Deleted a patch I discovered i no longer need (Gesture Click Context Menu for browser)
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    My list is pretty extensive, and I really don't enjoy using my Pre unless it has these patches:
    Named Pages in Launcher
    Hide Nascar App
    4x4 Icons v4
    Show Download Count in App Catalog
    On Screen Keyboard
    Edit Any Videos Metadata
    GPS in Device Menu
    Flashlight in Device Menu
    Fahrenheit Temperature with Battery
    Data in Device Menu
    Battery Percent and Icon
    Match State to Area Code
    Temperature in Device Info
    Unthrottle Download Manager
    Ad Blocker
    Messaging Timestamps - Clean
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    I have several patches/apps but these are what I can't go without (I install these right away after a doctor):
    800MHz overclock
    Mobile Hotspot
    SMS tones per contact
    all LED patches/app
    Named Pages in launcher
    4x4 icons
    Multi-Scrim (changes the look of most apps and launcher - I like black)
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    I didn't see it listed, so I'll recommend that call block/reject patch. Very useful for robocalls and the like.
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    Geocaching for webOS
    Goto Tool
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    Quote Originally Posted by RealDeal71 View Post
    Jeesh.... I think my head is going to explode!!!!!!!

    You guys have walked me through a WHOLE A WHOLE NEW UNIVERSE! I had no idea about this Homebrew stuff... WOW!!!!!!!!!

    One question though, being a new Pre owner... can any of the applications do any harm? Is there a way to "start over" if I needed to? Like a HARD RESET or something? Of course with WebOS I would imagine I wouldn't lose any contacts or anything because it's all back up right?
    just get preware & package manager service & look for yourself & choose which ones you want.

    Here is a link to review whats out there:
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    Here are the major things:

    720 MHz OC patch/kernel (makes OS speed go from decent to awesome)
    temp warnings
    4 x 4 v2
    enable add/delete pages
    reset scroll position
    Gesture Click Context Menu
    Proper naming of photos (forget the exact name)
    landscape email

    Brightness Unlinked
    JsTop (don't use it very much, but sometimes it saves me a reboot)
    ScummVM (I loves me some Lucas Arts adventure gaming)
    Battery monitor

    I also have:

    A custom boot logo that I made (It's a fusion laser!)
    Blue wi-fi/Evdo icons/signal bars
    Custom unlock icon (made myself as well)

    I love my phone
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    patches and apps I have installed


    call rejection/blocker ( whatever it's called )
    800MHz kernal


    facebook beta
    music remix
    Ultimate wallpaper, puts the weather on the background similar to a weather wiget

    and some others, but those are my favs
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    For me the essentials are:

    Hide Quick launch bar
    Advanced Options in Launcher- *allows me to do a garbage collection.
    5X5 icons v1
    Enable Add/Delete Pages
    Named Pages in Launcher
    Advanced Phone Menu
    Advanced Reset Options
    Email Confirm Delete
    Disable LED Notifications for Email
    Video Downloads
    Unthrottle Download Manager
    No Alert During Call
    Reduce Minimum Brightness
    Improved Edited Video Filenames
    Multi Mod
    Raise Image Resolution Limit
    Capture with Volume Keys(camera)
    3000 Auto Replace Words
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    i change my styling patches every few months, but right now, i really like the light list launcher v2, which puts your apps in a list with their titles like a zune. because of that, i have hide my quicklaunch bar on, and i have 6 pages with the add/delete pages patch.

    i've got a flurry of other patches for more functionality. im really happy that plugins to add windows live, facebook, and myspace messenger to the messaging app have come around

    i'd get more 3-d games if i wasnt so stingy about money. i reward myself with one every few months, so right now i've got gangstar, nfsu, and the demos, but eventually i think i'll have a lot more, so i'll allways have more levels to beat on my phone, should i need something to do.

    i use the facebook beta app all the time, and im starting to use cardsender for to send thank you cards etc. internalz is important to me to manage files, jstop to clean up ram leaks, and preware to check for new apps and patches. but my #1 used app is dr podder. payed for the underpriced catalog version just so that my palm profile would all ways reinstall after an update. its really a must have.
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    I think what you use depends a lot on how you use your Pre.

    Into Music? You have to get the Music Player Remix: it makes the Pre a music player work better than my iPod.

    Listen to Podcasts? You should download drPodder. The only reason I use to kept using iTunes is to download weekly podcasts. Now that I have drPodder, I no longer use iTunes. All music are downloaded directly on the Pre via Amazon or drPodder.

    I also like
    - touchconnect which allows you to call, im, or email with one touch
    - YPmobile: I think it has a slightly better interface when looking for businesses than Google Maps
    - Evernote: I use this like I used to use my Memos with my Treo

    As for the others, it definitely makes a difference in the usability of the Pre, but for me, I wouldn't say anything else is a deal-breaker. Having said that, I agree with most of the others above with regard to many of the patches.
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    This is a great thread - would love to see this be a sticky. For newcomers and power users, we can all learn a lot from each other on how we mod out our Pre. Thanks for the great tips and suggestions ... I've picked up lots of great ideas here.
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    The number one, can't-live-without patch:

    Disable charging sound.

    Can't believe noone mentioned this!! In fact I'm patch-stingy, and this is the only patch I have. I simply cannot live without it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bennish View Post
    The number one, can't-live-without patch:

    Disable charging sound.

    Can't believe noone mentioned this!! In fact I'm patch-stingy, and this is the only patch I have. I simply cannot live without it.

    lol, usually have my ringer off and that kills it.
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    Yah that's a real bummer if you're expecting a call. I'll go for the patch instead.
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    Some of these patches are just common sense, what the hell is palm waiting on
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    All really good suggestions. I can't believe Evernote was only mentioned once though. I use this to sync notes to 3 different computers and my Pre. It is a daily must have. I also use Shopping List by Adaptive Code. Where is pretty cool as well as Good Food. When I need to waste some time or relax, I find myself playing Air Traffic Lite. That game is addictive! I can't wait for the full version.

    I use the majority of the patches mentioned above too, so no need to rename them.
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    800 Mhz patch...
    Cant live without!!
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    I have the 720 mzh patch plus the following patches:

    4X4 icons v3
    Add Date MM/DD
    Add Move to Folder
    Battery Icon as Percent
    Device Temperature Warning
    Enable Add/Delete Pages
    Faster Card Animations (GREAT patch!)
    New Event Icon/Shortcut for Calendar
    No Alert During Call
    Raise Image Resolution
    Select Alert and Notification Tones
    SMS Vibrate to Two Seconds
    Unthrottle Download Manager
    Wrap Pages (GREAT patch!)

    Plus many added Homebrew apps
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