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    Only cost 99 cents. According to Palm, it's on sale only for 4 days. That's a steal considering the original price ($4.99).
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    Oh thanks for the heads up! I'm on this! My daughter and I are tennis fanatics and I've been eye'ing this game but wasn't sure if it was worth the money. 99 cents is well worth the gamble.
    In love with my launch day Pre Plus! Here are my impressions thus far.
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    Thanks. $1 sounds good! How's the gameplay?
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    Someone please give a review.
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    Is it worth it?
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    Looking through the reviews in the App Catalog it seems like the controls are finicky and that the tennis player will freeze from time to time. Someone suggests focusing on hitting the ball and not moving the player too much.

    Also, sounds like it crashes a lot and won't let you save progress in a tournament. You have to play for 20 minutes to finish the tournament...then it saves your game.
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    I just downloaded it ... what the heck i've bought only two apps for my pre, if it works cool... if not than a guess bummer
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    So far (only a few minutes) I like it a lot. I did readily notice that when moving the player to the right, it is not efficient. Some times it moves the player, sometimes it doesn't. All other directions seems to work well, as of right now. I like the tutorial, that was pretty cool and very helpful. I'll play it some more later and can give better feed back.
    In love with my launch day Pre Plus! Here are my impressions thus far.
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    Same here... I really like it a lot and I'm a fan of tennis video game. Just need to familiarize myself with the controls. No crashes so far. I was able to start the game without any trouble (no cards opened).
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    I just downloaded it. Seems to play pretty nice and I was even shocked that since it's a 3d game it actually opened and played with out me having to resart my phone

    Movement seems to have some glitches to it. When trying to hit the ball while running will cause your player to just run off the screen even when I'm not touching the screen at all.
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    Bummer!... I paid the full price!... controls take a little time getting used to but great deal for a gameloft game.
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    Just purchased it :-)
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    Like the game, but I HATE GAMELOFT right now. Every game I have bought from them (Shrek Cart, Let's Golf!, and now Real Tennis) give me the "Sorry, too many cards error." Let's Golf doesn't do it anymore because they released an update. Still waiting for them to do that for Shrek Cart and this game.
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    Its definitely worth $0.99! its a steal actually. Controls take a little getting used to but its a must have for tennis lovers!
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    I was gonna jump on it. But wow...99 cents? I could almost get a cup of coffee for that.

    No..its too risky. What if i spend all that money and don't like the game? If only there was a trial version...
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    bought it and i am enjoying it!

    gameloft games are nice!
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    purchased... what the _ _ _ _ its a buck for a legit 3d game
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    fun game for the price. I suggest everyone gets it!
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    Bought it and it is now downloading. My first game bought on my Pre.
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    I've had my eye on it for awhile. I love tennis video games, but am also poor, so I've been hoping the price would drop. Glad it actually happened! The game is fun, no question it's worth $1.
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