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    I wish I got it for a buck. Cause that's all its worth. Lol. Better be a update soon cause I get too many cards with only that open. And I can't save which ****es me off.

    so pretty much if you are playing and have to do something else. You have to start over. Need that fixed asap. Until then I will not spend no more money on gameloft. Also. Where the hell are demo's. If they did this more people would try all these games and buy them.
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    Thanks Gameloft.

    I was supposed to be working today instead I spent all day playing tennis. Oh well, I won't tell if you won't tell.
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    My first paid app... The price was right and it will give me something to waste time.

    controls are difficult and often not fully responsive. I have yet to win a game let alone a set. Not enough instruction on how to hit the ball hard or control direction.

    overall worth a buck but i'm not blown away.
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    I bought it as well. You can't even get a coffee for a buck, or get 15 minutes on a parking meter for a buck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HardBeatZ View Post
    Thanks Gameloft.

    I was supposed to be working today instead I spent all day playing tennis. Oh well, I won't tell if you won't tell.

    I plan on playing this on my lunch break today. Can't wait...hope I don't lose track of time too badly!
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    I've been playing this game for a couple of days now, and I'm happy to say I won a whole match, as well as a few sets when I didn't have time to finish the match.

    The few problems I've had so far:
    1. When trying to "slice", I sometimes minimize the app, pausing at a crucial moment. It's hard to "Resume" and immediately hit the ball that's right in your face.
    2. They say you're able to control the direction of the ball, but I have yet to make this work consistently. One clarification is to be sure you *Move into position, *Hit the ball, then *Tap the direction you want to aim the ball on the d-pad (the same one that moves your player) as quickly as possible. Still, not consistently effective.
    3. Memory/processor causing the "Too many cards" error. But if I'm playing a game, I probably wasn't doing anything else important at the time. And it's not like e-mail and messaging have to be open to receive new messages.
    4. Every once in a while the graphics skip out, not showing the swing animation but the ball still moves.
    5. Player controls... sometimes the guy keeps running when I'm touching the opposite direction. Seems like a touch-screen issue or calibration maybe. It's a rare problem, but could matter if you're playing the game on Pro and can't afford a loss.
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    It's not perfect but it was worth my $1.06.
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    I bought this based on the article Precental posted that it was only .99. I don't even play games but I'm a sucker for a deep discounted sale.

    From my experience once this app is loaded I get the dreaded "too many cards" mesg, more often. I usually have to reset my pre after closing the app out.

    I'll probably hardly use the app and should have used the .99 on a lotto ticket.
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    Great buy, well worth the 1 dollar price tag! A little tough to control and will take some more time, right now I'm sticking with playing doubles till I get better.

    Well worth it.
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    I downloaded it, totally worth the 1 dollar! A semi fun way to burn up a subway ride if you dont feel like playing pokemon on VBA and forgetting to get off at your stop haha.
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