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    I didn't have heat or battery issues on the .sh file. Only til came I had big issues with the whole wosqi altogether. I have since waved the white flag at wosqi and have decided to take it at Palm to correct the issues with speed, connectivity, etc.

    It's not to say that I don't miss my overclocked Pre| but I just got the seidio 2600 and the first day I used the phone for 14 hours before charging and it still had 41%.

    Palm/Sprint need to decide to take the initiative and make our experience better.

    Having said that, some people are talking about Pre dos. 4G, 1ghz processor, 512mb ram,16 or 32gb versions. Overclock that
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    Where do i find this Uber Cpuscaler?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Black View Post
    Where do i find this Uber Cpuscaler?
    Put "cpuscaler" in search.
    Also try the new patch "faster card reloading" Wow i this thing getting fast!
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