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    Is there a way to add a GMAIL account but NOT the contacts from it? Any work arounds?

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    From a thread near this one I get that you have the option not to set the Google account as your default account for Contacts. thorne
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    I've not seen a way to not add all of the services when you add one. However, once it's added, you can individually delete the Google services.

    So, after you add the Gmail account, go into the Contact app, and remove Google as an account, and you're set.
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    Correct. Just note that when you add a GMAIL mail account to your pre you get: mail, calendar, contacts, gtalk installed to the phone by default. You can remove each of these as required, just make sure you select the correct one should you have more than one gmail account.
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    Also it'll only bring over contacts that are in the "My Contacts" portion of your Google contacts, not everyone you've ever emailed like it used to.
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    Just remove your Gmail contacts from "My Contacts" in your Gmail (on your PC side).
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