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    Marketing agency seems to have taken, well the right phone but with the wrong OS
    You can even see two status bars one with palmlogo one with a windows mobile

    Pershaps soon gone here:
    Â*Alles zu aktuellen Microsoft Produkten– MSN Computer & Technik

    News about it here in german:
    Palm Software Download - Office 2010 auf dem Palm Pre - Interessante Verwechslung in Microsofts Werbung - - Die große Software-Welt für kleine Computer

    thanx Microsoft to get viral for us
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    wow imagine being in class taking notes or doing work in office for webos

    teacher says get off ur phone. ill say im doing work on it!! look! lol
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    Well perhaps Dataviz will get speed up their development of documents to go for webos now
    Documents To Go for palm webOS

    And to dataviz, you knows which new formats microsoft wants you to support now.
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    Lol it's funny how pre has 2 battery indicators as well as 2 network indicators...

    would be nice if true though.

    it looks more like android os tho.

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    This would be AWESOME if it happened.

    Take that Datavis. We don't need you anymore.
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    nice! hope its true!
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    ... and let the "Micro$oft to buy Palm" rumors begin. haha
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    Guys, that's a tweaked screenshot of Windows Mobile 6.5 pasted onto a Pre.
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    I still can't view large images on my pre...
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    It also shows in this article by Entrepreneur dated February 05, 2010
    What's on the Horizon for Microsoft Office 2010? - Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 -

    "But what if you're using a BlackBerry, Palm Pre, Apple iPhone or other non-Windows Mobile 6.5-based device? You're still in business. With the 2010 version of Office Mobile, Microsoft is releasing a set of Microsoft Office Web Apps--which you can access through a browser-and a set of Office viewer applications that will run on a wide variety of smartphones"
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    But the Pre is dead. Surely Microsoft knows that the Pre is dead. All of the marketing analysts had said so... Foolish Microsoft. They don't know what they are doing.

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