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    Quote Originally Posted by malpha View Post
    Xbox360. The are two states of Xbox ownership: Sent Back and Getting Ready to Send Back.
    You forgot "Just Back from Repair."

    While I agree that we have an expectation of a certain level of quality, perfection is not that reasonable expectation. Unreasonable failures, such as random screen cracks, battery fit resulting in random reboots, and poor quality of workmanship that leads to other bad experiences are not reasonable. On the other hand, there certainly are people that regardless of response will never be satisfied.

    As to the rate of return, see the poll here for a sampling.
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    I'm not hard to please. Everybody expects some type of problem with first generation devices, and I'm no exception. What is frustrating me is it's been almost a year now, with multiple exhanges and we're still seeing the same defects.

    Xbox? Is the Xbox competing against the pre. I'm talking about the competition. Apple, Rim, HTC, Samsung, Motorola.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mespiff View Post
    apparently? -- do you have a valid source on this? -- and please don't point me to a thread here -


    The Radio Shack near me isn't selling Palm products anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by omahawildcat View Post
    The Radio Shack near me isn't selling Palm products anymore.
    look ---- uh -- ok -- does this automatically mean that they did it because of poor build quality -- ????? or that every radio shack no longer is selling the palm products?

    and by the way since when did radio shack become the source for the most current phone information?
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    I guess what is perplexing to me is, why there seems to be some people who have had 6+ phones. While a good majority seem to be on their first phone or at most their second.

    It doesn't stand to reason that one person could have no issues while another can not find one good device in the lot. I wonder if there is something to where people buy and replace their phones. What I mean is, maybe in large metropolitan areas better built phones went out and in smaller more rural areas cheaper phones went out. And when a replacement is needed the same poorly made phone makes back to those same areas.

    I don't know what the answer is but its been on mind for a long time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by raremage View Post
    As to the rate of return, see the poll here for a sampling.
    The PC forums have something like 353k users, only around 800 responded to that poll. I don't think it's accurate. I would be inclined to think that most users probably aren't here trying to fix their phone when it goes wrong, they're at Sprint or Verizon trading it in for a Droid or Hero.

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