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    every company(Palm,RIM,Google) is going to have 100,000+ apps. No one company will have the upper hand in that catergory. Then it will come down to Hardware n OS'. That's when WebOS will really stand out and be noticed as the best OS. Now I know this might be 3-4 yrs away but it will happen.
    WebOS will then have the upper hand when it comes to selling points. What do you guys think?
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    Unfortunately in business you can have the best product but your company business model can kill you. I just picked up a pre and so far I love the WebOS, its a great product. It still hasn't helped Palm make the necessary sales though and that why you see developers shy away from Palm. There needs to be a change in gameplan to get this company on the way up again. Honestly other than the creepy "pre girl" and the little pixie campaign I don't remember seeing a real marketing campaign implemented by Palm. I really hope things change because I like my pre but If they don't step their game up then we will never get to see 100,000 apps on this piece of hardware.
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    I love webOS and my Pre very much but sadly Palm may not have 3-4 years. I'm hoping personally for a sympathetic buyer with interest in webOS and not just Palms patent portfolio to turn this ship around but thus far it's a wait and see situation. Who knows, Palms next device could kill and be a huge hit since webOS is the critics darling of the smartphone world it's been marketing/hardware (for some) where Palm has fallen short. If Palm survives and above that thrives then this scenario could very well be the eventuality of the mobile market.
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    yeah I think iphone is close to 100,000 apps if not there..

    second does palm have that 3 or 4 years to play catch up ?

    third palm has what 2500 official apps we got a long way to go

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