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    I never had a problem until the last 2 days, but my pre lately has refused to receive texts until I am literally within line of sight to a tower. I can be at work with a full 3G signal, able to browse web and stream pandora but I don't receive texts till I get within sight of a tower. I literally took 4 steps outisde the building and was looking at the tower thinking about why I might not be getting texts when my phone went of 15+ times in a row from all the messages. I tested this again later on, after having replied to some of the messages, and sure enough as I stepped outside I got another dozen or so at the same time.

    What gives?
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    try updating network settings and prl?
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    Yeah update network settings and restart. If that doesnt fix the problem, call your network service provider. They can def fix that problem for you.
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    open up the phone dialer then tap the top left to bring down the menu.. tap Preferences...

    scroll down.. you will see "Update Network Settings" and "Update PRL"

    like the guys said above me.. update them both see how it goes

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