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    I deleted two of the biggest conversations in my Messaging application, and have noticed that since doing so, when I send a new text to either contact (one of which being Twitter), they are not recieved.. is this a common issue, or does anyone know of a solution? Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated!
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    Tried to resolve this issue with a Palm tech via chat just now and he recommended a Partial Erase would resolve this issue, at the cost of deleting all the rest of my conversation logs (and I would assume apps & God knows what else).. Ugh.

    I've already removed the contact, restarted, and added it under a different name.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions? I would really appreciate it..
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    I erased a contact message that wasn't long. They just wasn't able to send messages to me. Or I wasn't getting them. I erased the convo and now when I try to text them and doesn't even move from the screen. Just the little paper plane disappears...

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