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    The wife and I are possibly interested in getting a Pre(Mine) and Pixi(Hers), I currently have an iPhone 3g(8GB) and she has a
    Blackberry 8520, and we have t-mobile currently. Would you all recomend the switch to sprint for these phones? especially with the
    grumblings of Sprint dropping them, possibly. Or should we just go for it? I really like the Pre.
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    Check out the Verizon deal before you decide.
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    i do recommend it. if you're in a good coverage area, you'll be extremely satisfied with the pre and sprint service. plus it's also $70.00 for unlimited everything and nationwide mobile to mobile. I definitely suggest you take the leap.
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    Not a fan of Big Red, nor AT&T. I used to work for AT&T on the Corporate side and Verizon on the Authorized Agent end, and neither one tickle my fancy. Thanks for the words. Any place anyone knows where i can get them on the cheap, since I'd be a new customer I know that they will pretty much move mountains...
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    radio shack was giving the pre for free, but you have to find one that has stock. I would then look at best buy, amazon, walmart before going to the sprint store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ignote View Post
    Check out the Verizon deal before you decide.
    I second this..Not to crazy about Verizon though, but the Pre Pluses are fantastic.
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    Don't listen to the 'grumblings'... those will never go away (it's part of loving Palm!). If Sprint has good coverage for you, I'd go ahead and grab them. Best thing over Verizon is the ability to upgrade in a year... not to mention a much better pricing program!
    Verizon had the Plus versions, so that's more storage and RAM (if you're willing to pay more for the plans for that)... but either way you go, you won't be sad!

    Get them, use them, and you'll LOVE them!
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    Yes. I agree. Just get them and you will love them!

    The only reason I switched to Verizon was for the coverage and the free hotspot. The plans were similar for my usage on a family plan.
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    I have sprint..switched from vz and never looked back. I am slightly envious of the extra mem and storage on the pre plus and the mifi (there are workarounds for that though)
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    wonderful! thanks everyone. I'll call around to my local 'shacks, and see if they have them in stock. what are we looking at on data speeds for sprint?
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    I'm not sure what my ev-do speed is, but it's pretty fast. Almost as fast as wifi for me, but I really never notice any slow data speeds. Ev-Do can really take a crap on your battery though. I use 1x almost all the time (which I think is basically edge) and it's pretty fast. Compared to edge on t-mobile it's an improvement.

    It's an amazing phone, just a little overlooked compared to competitors, but worth it. I wouldn't give it up for anything. Oh plus Sprint has that consumer buyback program:

    Pretty sweet deal.
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    It's April.. I would say wait til the summer and see what's out if you can.
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    Whenever I test my EV-DO speeds I generally get back in the high 800's - low 900's

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