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    Is there a way, other than manually moving them, to alphabetize the icons in a launcher card?

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    No such thing yet. Why would you want it anyways? It'll become like Android's menu, which is ridiculously stupid.

    Me: "Oh where'd the settings go?"
    Girlfriend: "It's in the S's"
    Me: "where are the S's?"
    Girlfriend: "Well I added a bunch of apps, so just keep going down.."
    Me: "That's what she said. But seriously, where are the S's...I'm lost."

    Seriously, it's ridiculously hard to get used to the phone when you keep adding apps on Android since it reorganizes them based on alphabetization. Try doing anything while halfway paying attention, and you'll be stumbling to figure out how to do it.

    But as much as I don't want it, it'd be nice to be able to reorganize them into creative packages somehow. I feel disorganized with icons everywhere with no particular order.
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    I want it because it makes finding an app easier. I have several cards with different "categories" of apps per card. I want to alphabetize the apps on each card then move the most used ones to the top of the card. This way, I can easily start my most used apps and the less frequently used ones can be found alphabetically rather than having to meticulously scroll the the whole list looking for a randomly located icon.

    I don't want the OS to always, automagically sort the icons all the time, I want it to sort them when I want it to - when I explicitly select an option to sort.
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    this is dumb.
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    Why do you think it's dumb? It's simply a way to make app access easier.
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    Yeah it's possible a patch maker could do it, but you'd have to really convince them that it's worth the time as all you'd have to do is organize them once and then whenever you download an app just organize it as you see fit, it doesn't really scream Useful.
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    This is a great time to put universal search to work. Say you just downloaded real tennis and you have no idea where it went, although alphabetization would be nice, you have to scroll all the way to the "r's", but the easiest way is to just start typing the application while not in another application.

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