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    Im getting an iPad in the next couple of weeks and i dont know if i should spend the extra money to get the 3g at&t coverage because i have mobile hot spot on my pre.
    Has anyone tried it out yet? how well does it work?
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    This probably doesnthelp much since I never personally tried it, but everywhere i've read says it works beautifully. Besides, ATT has spotty service anyway. Save money, get a more reliable connection and just tether it. When would you not have your phone with you anyway?
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    It works fine with my iPod Touch.. and the iPad is basically just a huge iPod Touch so I predict it should work fine
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    It works really well. I finally have a reason again to carry around my Pre Plus. My iPad works great with it.

    With that being said I will still be buying the 3G iPad and give the wifi only one to my wife.
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    I can't seem to get more than 200Kbps though That's both on mytether or the mobile hotspot. I'm still trying to figure it out.
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    I get at max around 400 Kbs on my iPad and MacBook. Your slow speeds like mine likely have nothing to do with your devices, but your mobile network instead. I have verizon and in my area the network is evdo rev 0, not evdo rev A. That's a big difference. Rev A is about 25% faster than rev 0. So even though the Pre is a rev A device, if your local network has not been upgraded, you will not experience the true capablility of this phone. In my case, there will not be an upgrade to rev A. Instead verizon is focusing on upgrading to 4G. That won't be available in my area until 2012 at the earliest.

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