I bought my Pre Plus last friday (4/9). Played with it and charged it every night.

Two days ago at 9:30 PM I took the phone off the charger. I proceeded to browse the app store, install an app (flashlight) play with the phone a bit then left it off the charger for the night.

The next morning at 6:30 I went to work. At the time the phone was showing 10% charge left. Read some news on it, browsed the store, made some phone calls, read some email, showed it off, how it works etc. All on 3G connection. When I got home I spent like 3 hours playing on it getting a bunch of apps from the official store. Home I'm on wireless through my cable internet. By 11PM, 25 hours after last charge it was showing still 10% of charge left.

Today more of the same, read some fun sh on glad it's not me app, plus I was playing this great game nuclear attack (OK call me old school ). Now I'm listening to DJ Encore on Pandora (I love this App!!) as I'm typing this. It's 7PM and the phone is showing 37% charge left.

What battery issues? Really, checking email on standby this phone is using about 1% of battery per hour, then using it as a mini laptop with a battery no larger than in Moto Razr it's lasting full day browsing the net, playing games etc. I do not have any issues against the battery or the phone's power usage. In fact it's better than the iPhone 3GS that my brother in law has though to be fair the iphone does have a bigger screen so that may be the cause behind higher power usage.

I have Pre Plus hardware rev A. Software version 1.4 and I have to say it, I am very satisfied with this phone. Two more apps (both start with letter S) and it would be completely perfect.