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    Take it from someone who just switched to Verizon for 7 days and came back running to Sprint.

    1. Verizon has more problems with Pre Pluses in their hands than Sprint does. I swapped 2 brand new Pres there and both had major issues. Keyboard and GPS is the killer.

    2. Sprint now has perfect Pres that have no issues whatsoever. After 2nd replacement the kind salesguy at Sprint store granted me with a brand new one for all the time I lost and problems I had. This one is flawless all around.

    3. Sprint is 100 times cheaper than Verizon and customer service is totally impeccable! (no matter what people from a few years back think of it coz of bad experiences they had at the time)

    4. With Sprint you get Navigation with Sprint TeleNav app for free, Sprint TV is free as well, so is unlimited texting, and all their plans have night and weekend free that starts from 7pm instead of 9pm like Verizon... And you can call any mobile on any network anytime for free! Verizon only lets you call their own network for free.

    5. Switching to Verizon is really REALLY not worth the extra 8gb of storage and 256mb of memory you will get with Pre Plus. Negatives far outweight Verizon's positives. Only reason I can see anyone switching to Verizon is if they are living in a very rural area and have no good coverage from Sprint. I live in a city and I don't go into rural areas at all. So coverage is not an issue for me. Plus Sprint has free roaming if I need coverage elsewhere anyway.

    6. Verizon's ETF fee for Pre Plus is a ridiculous 350 dollars (for a phone that you can buy on Verizon for free at Walmart) And unlike Sprint, that amount is not prorated... It's weighed on your first year. Plus you are not eligible for an upgrade every 12 months. It's 2 years on Verizon.

    7. Sure Verizon has Mobile Hotspot but Sprint has MyTether (albeit not perfectly approved by Sprint TOS) Still if you don't abuse that service, Sprint should have no problems with tethering either.

    As for iPhone: get an iPod Touch like I did. Palm Pre gives me all that I need from a phone and more but I still wouldn't be able to do without my iPod either.

    Need I say more ? IMO Sprint is DA carrier of choice!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vkitty View Post
    The Pre Plus is better than the Pre, it has double the ram, and double the memory 16GB, Sprint pre only has 8GBs

    Also, sprint does not have the free mobile hotspot, only Verizon has that. You can kinda cheat a bit on sprint with Mobile Hotspot app
    I like how you updated your post there. Sure, you can say it's cheating, but then again, how is something cheating if you are attempting to get a 'free' app that is provided by Palm to work on a Palm device. Sprint isn't exactly putting up police baracades for those that tether either.

    I'm not sure how much extra it would be to have a Verizon Pre Plus vs a Sprint Pre, but I'd like to know. Can someone who has a Verizon Pre Plus let me know what their monthly bill looks like? I'm talking with the minimum minutes allowed that would compare with Sprints free Mobile to Mobile Everything plan. If it is within $10 vs what I pay after tax on Sprint ($66) then it might be worth it. But when you look at the 800MHz patch, free Mobile Hotspot, and much cheaper over a two year plan, i'd say Sprint is the way to go.
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    Just wanted to let everyone who replied to me yesterday that I picked up a Verizon Pre Plus today and love it. Thanks.
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    If you rely on an app from the iphone and it is not available in the webos then i think the pain of switching is too much...

    tethering is another issue, if you are going to "cheat" placing mobile hotspot/mytether in a sprint pre, you might as well "cheat" enabling tethering on your iphone...

    with that said, the thing that stands out for the webos are the following:

    1. synergy: its knowing that you'll have your contacts, calendars and emails with you even if you lose your phone. or exchange it. not needing to plug it to the computer to get them all in the phone. all are done over the air.

    2. Homebrew: making it easy for you to have some tweaks that will make life easier for you.

    3. mobile hotspot: oh well, this one you get without "cheating"
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    I switched from a Pre on Sprint to a Pixi Plus on Verizon and couldn't be happier. Better coverage, clearer calls. Free WIFI Hotspot that is officially suppprted. I eve n saved money with my family plan. YMMV.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hatchettjack View Post
    go to sprint and get a pre... sprint is the best carrier by far
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwalker007 View Post
    Just wanted to let everyone who replied to me yesterday that I picked up a Verizon Pre Plus today and love it. Thanks.
    Was gonna tell you that the droid was going to offer a more similar experience with basically the same apps you're used to and multitasking. Having said that the Pre+ has a killer app, a free legal hot spot for 5 PCs. No one else no matter what network can match that. Droid and others can do that, but you may get caught and pay the price, though I'm not sure what that may be.
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