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    I just got off the phone with a Sprint rep to get a 4th replacement of the Pre. My screen cracked and evidently this is another known issue on the Pre. Well, they are Out Of Stock and are not replacing anymore Pres. She said that corporate made a decision to phase out the Pre because of all the issues they have been having. So they are giving you two options, downgrade to the Pixi or the Samsung Moment. I went with the Moment since I am gonna get the HTC Evo when it releases anyway. I knew this would happen soon or later. I really hope Palm gets WebOS together soon because I really did like my Pre but NEVER have I had to get so many replacements on one device! Don't know when they will remove the new ones but she was confident it will be soon.
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    I seriously doubt it and while I don't doubt your experience sprint has invested too much in the pre to phase it out at least until something new comes out
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    Since that info came from a Sprint employee, I would say there is a 0.0000001 percent chance that it's accurate information.
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    I dont believe it either, but.... I was in my local Sprint store getting my 5th Pre under warranty and noticed the Pre/Pixi display was missing the Pre?

    Makes me wonder whats going on!
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    It may be possible that a new model is going to replace it so they aren't bothering to restock the old ones. I hope that is the case at least.
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    Well if anything they will be getting the Pre+ as Verizion is CDMA so porting it to Sprint is a nobrainer...BUT they surely aren't completely dumping it as it is still up on their site for sale.

    As this was their newest flagship phone it was everywhere, now with the EVO coming, I bet they are working on getting a big display set up for it instead.
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    Yea she said they just made the decision yesterday but I don't think they are gonna completely drop it either. Maybe a new model but with the Evo coming out I cant see it being their main focus anymore either. I know that they put a lot of money into it, but they would not be the first to invest in something that resulted in less than expected results only to replace with better. Makes you wonder what's up their sleeves. I had two reps confirm the replacements were out of stock and thats when she admitted what they were planning to do.
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    This reeks of bs.
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    My guess it's being replaced with Pre Plus. Makes no sense to carry the original Pre. It costs more to continue to produce both.
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    when does a company ever officially announce that they will stop selling a particular phone?

    do we expect an official notice from sprint, stating no more palm phones being sold?

    and why wouldn't they phase it out, their flagship is coming in a couple of months and if a new palm phone is coming out, i expect the sprint to be the new verizon. if the new phone comes out it will be hidden by the huge shadow given by the EVO, again that's IF palm phone comes out in the summer.

    nothing official being announced, and i dont expect an official word of phased out phones. i do expect though an official new palm phone.
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    Until the Pre shows up on an End of Life list it's all rumors
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    My source at Sprint is saying that they're not dropping Palm, but they are selling out the existing inventory of Pre's in preparation for an upcoming Palm device, to be released late summer.
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    Just left the store with my 2nd replacement pre under warranty about an hour ago. So they're still switching them out in FL.
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    How does everyone go through so many Pre's. I have never had to replace mine. Oops...I might have just jinx myself.
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    To hear for yourself call Sprint Tech Support and they will tell you they are "back ordered" for the Pre. When I asked how long before I can get a replacement that's when she told me they are not getting anymore and that I had to choose between the Pixi and Samsung Moment.
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    That sounds more realistic (phasing the original Pre our for a new phone), though I wouldn't be shocked if they started carrying the Plus in May, since it seems that the end of April is the end of Verizon's exclusivity period.
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    Well I just went in on wednesday and got my replacement shipped ups on friday so they are still shipping them.. No back order here!

    And to answer your ? cashdude1979: Every Pre Ive had, the speaker dies after about 1 1/2 mos. That is the only issue that Ive had. 5 times though!
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    Whats funny is before I left work yesterday I was doing an AE for a customer and when I was placing the order is got stuck in a specific section of the process(not sure how confidential that is supposed to be so no details) but it HAS happened before on specific models but its rare. the rep was correct with the information but maybe not the right response. its could mean we are getting another model to replace it with or all the Sprint Pre's will be auto-upgraded to Moment' or down to pixi', this is not uncommon.

    Ended up leaving work with 8 Pre' AE orders stuck halfway. was able to finish them off this morning but they are still back ordered regardless in certain repair center markets. the only thing I did not like was when our Sprint Rep called us later in the day with orders to take down anything Pre, replace pre demo with pixi. usually this does NOT happen when new phones are coming. why would everything 'go-away', along with the backorder issue just because a new model is coming? any new model a customer would have to upgrade to that phone using their rebates or whatever(not in sales) and old palm Pre users will get shafted as their phones are replaced with Pixi' phones. All I know is I feel bad for our sales guys who will end up hearing all the complaints.
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    If there is a new palm device coming to sprint its prob going to be 4g. Sprint is suppose to be starting this 4g thing with a series of new phones. The evo is just the first. I doubt it will be the pre plus cause palm doesn't hide the pre announcements anymore. Im thinking the c40. Palm pre and pre plus arent new phones and we wouldve heard they were coming to sprint, by sprint or palm months ago. They are hiding something for a reason. Im thinking this phone will be announced as soon as sprints pre inventory is dry.
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    Today is a sad day for me. Damn.. this sucks! Took the Pre in today to get the power button fixed. It stopped responding completely. Even after the bandaid posted around here. My screen had a crack too but I was dealing with that. No biggie.. Anyhoo.. "No more Pre!", said the Sprint demon behind the counter. My replacement comes in tomorrow and it's the Moment.

    I was planning on getting an Evo anyway.. But was going to keep the Pre as well.. Guess not. I really really hope webos continues to strive. This is nuts. I can't believe this. Flaws and all.. I've never cared for a phone this much. I had a lump in my throat when they told me the news.

    Looks like the nail in the coffin for Sprint/Pre relationship? Damn.... Please tell me it aint so!
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