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    I was trying to watch some streaming from Mega but I get this “error” so I can not view the stream. I have seen this a few times when I’m surfing the web but it was not that big of a deal but now that my job is cracking down on using computers on lunch breaks (bogus) I would like to see if I can steam on my phone, please check out the attachment. Any help you have would be awesome.

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    You need Flash to view it. It isn't yet available for WebOS and the current release date is "First half of 2010". Prepare to wait a few months...
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    The first half of 2010 is quickly becoming the second half of 2010. Think I'll get that count down timer in the app store just so I can watch the clock run down. My year is going to be up before this long promised feature comes to fruition at this rate.

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