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    Is there an RSS feed or something of the sort to be alerted to when a new app is added to the store? Thanks
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    New apps are listed everyday on PreCentral.

    The Palm Apps are here with the most recent listed first:

    Here are the most recent Homebrew:

    Both are always listed on the PreCentral main page with an article every day on new apps:

    Click the RSS feed button.

    You can also sort apps by the most recent in Preware.

    - Craig
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    Here is Palm's RSS feed.

    Device App Updates for US
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    Tweets from palmnewapps.
    I don't know if they still do it though, because they were always a day or two late, so i stopped that.
    It kind of defeated the purpose of what a tweet is for.
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    I use the Palm RSS feeds as well. Just keep in mind that they're sometimes a touch early--apps will be listed in the feed that aren't yet available.

    Also, note that Palm has feeds for official App Catalog apps, Web apps, and beta apps.
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    Just look for louis6279 to be screaming NOVA! and you'll know a new app it out!

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