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    I recently Doctored my Pre.

    On Sprint running

    When I run the App catalog or try to load from the catalog through PreWare, the initial catalog sreen comes up, with catagories on it, but no applications, then I get a yellow triangle that says "The action could not be completed. Try again later"

    Palm support asked me to do a partial erase and redoctoor the phone.

    I'm loath to do a partial erase, plus, the catagories are now called "Erase Apps & Data" and "Erase USB Drive".

    I'm thinking the "Erase Apps & Data" is the new "Parial erase"

    But I am alos wondering if I just erase the contents of cryptofs I'll probably be good. But I would need to do some more work on my phone to get access to that area and back itup first, so I was looking for encouragement that I maon the right path before I through in the tower and do the erase & Doctor.
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    I was in the same situation. "Erase Apps & Data" fixed it for me.

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