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    NOVA has arrived to webos
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    I don't see it in the App Catalog.
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    I guess the search function is boken?
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    Good now louis6279 can stop begging for it
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    for real. louis6279, i expect to hear about louis/nova babies in 9 months....
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    louis6279 already has a thread about this lol
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    That's cool, already got it on my iPad, pretty freakin' awesome game.
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    Has anyone tried it on the Pre yet? I was wondering how well the controls on the touchscreen work.
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    how's everyone like the game?

    I'm getting the card error on the occasion....

    Running the 800MHz kernel and Pre is smoking, just first hiccup with this game!!

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    Has anyone here gotten past Judgment Day Part 2. I keep getting Electrocuted! Whats the secret?

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    just have to time it properly
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    It really is a well done game!
    I love my Pre :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cactusone View Post
    Has anyone here gotten past Judgment Day Part 2. I keep getting Electrocuted! Whats the secret?


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    I played this for a while after I bought but I gave up on it because it's so hard to play on such a small screen.

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