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    Looks like aonic finally updated Mytether for 1.4.1 Latest Version: 2.1.1 (VZ Pre's supported too!)

    Yesterday I webosdoctor my phone, full restore, and installed mobile hotspot

    It's very reliable but I can't get faster than 200Kbps both on my ipad or my thinkpad (maybe it's a "pad" conspiracy

    I also had the speed issue with the mytether last week, it was just unreliable before the fix.

    I really want tethering to work at 1Mbps back when 1.3.5 was around and mytether first came out.

    anyone try it yet? what speeds are you getting?
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    i cant get the service to update to 1.1.8 or whatever
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    Is there any reason to use the auto-enable-ip-forwarding patch when following these instructions? What is the point of that patch? Thanks all for the help

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