View Poll Results: How many pre's and pixi's have you seen in the past month in the wild?

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    43 37.07%
  • More than 1 but less than 5

    45 38.79%
  • More than 5 but less than 10

    19 16.38%
  • More than 10 Palm is taking over!!!!!!

    9 7.76%
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    With Palm looking to sell, raise capital, license , or whatever they need to make it happen, I just find it a bit odd because in the last month I have seen more pre 's and pixi's in the wild than I did from june till feb combined!!! Every person I see I stop and ask if they like the phone and if they dont I see if I can help....I mention precentral ,tweeking , projectappetite, preware and all the goodies....I even show them some cool tricks etc....
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    the only one i ever see is my co worker.

    iphones and the various blackberries the most. a lot of heros and droids.
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    None really at school. they all have Crapberries and iFails
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    I have seen 2 pre plus's 2 pixi's 2 pre's no pixi plus's this week.....
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    I actually think VZ is moving a good amount of WebOS devices... wish there was a way to track that real time but it sure feels that way... That should be good news across the board so with more devices out there and the device not even a year old yet its almost odd that Palm would decide now is the time to sell.. I suspect the rumors are not accurate.
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    I have 7 people I know with Pre's and Pixi's:
    Psychologist - 1
    Teacher - 1
    IT Professional -1
    Students -2
    Assistant -1
    Legal - 1

    And I have seen 5 in clubs.
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    Other than those my wife and I own, a grand total of one since June 06, 2009, and that one was within the last month.
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    Only one other then mine I've seen was the one the sprint guy had when I got mine. I knew what I wanted before I went in there he didn't sell me anything but I have been asked several times about how the pre is. I do think one of the guys at my job is going to get one for his wife because I talked him away from a samsung moment.
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    in the last month, i saw a guy on the train watching videos on his and i saw another person recording video
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    I just saw one today at launch time
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    Never seen one ever - they just didn't take off in the UK.
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    none in fresno, ca
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    you guys are doing a terrible job of going viral
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    I have seen one Pixi... my own. But then, I don't personally know too many people around here with Sprint & I don't pay attn to random peoples' phones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkzone View Post
    I just saw one today at launch time
    did you mean... lift off time?
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    I make it a point to be a device snoop so when I see people whip out smartphones near me I always peer over to try to see which one it is. I've seen one Pixi and 3 Pre's in the last few weeks.

    I live in the NJ/NY metro area so I expect to see more, but never really do
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    I saw my first one today (other than my own). A guy I sometimes worked with saw mine on my desk and said, "whoever uses that phone, must know what he's doing" and he pulls out his Pre Plus. So I ask, how did he like it. He said its ok, just kind of unresponsive. He takes the Pre in one hand and goes swiping at the screen with his other hand's index finger. I said "Whoa buddy, what do you think you're using, an iPhone? The beauty of the Pre and webOS is that you can do most everything with one hand." So I took his Pre and used my thumb to swipe and gesture and it worked as beautifully as mine. I asked him how long had he been swiping with is index finger and he said four months and he was about to give up.
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    Only 1.
    How many times have you seen the Dr.?
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    Would it be fair for me to vote? I see way more than 10 on a day to day basis!
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