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    I owned an Apple iPhone from the day it came out till March 24th, 2010. I never upgraded my Apple iPhone so I kept the original 8 GB model the entire time.

    I had no issues with the AT&T network in my area and the phone was great. I was an iPhone developer and over the years learned to increase my productivity through use of my phone.

    My iPhone was listed under my dad's name and I was ready to switch to a cell phone contract on my own name. When I contacted AT&T, they wanted a $200 deposit while Verizon wanted a $0 deposit.

    I was nervous about leaving my iPhone behind but I decided to go to a Verizon store anyways.

    I looked at all of the Verizon smartphone offerings and quickly narrowed my choices down to the Palm Pre Plus or the Droid. After spending 30 minutes of time on each device, I decided the Droid was not for me.

    While the Droid did have a larger screen, better camera, and a larger keyboard, the operating system (Android) felt too bulky. I had a hard time using it.

    Now, it could be said that with time I could get used to the Android operating system... but why spend that time when I could get used to the Palm Pre Plus faster?

    I then turned my attention towards the Palm Pre Plus. For me, the Palm Pre Plus is a beautiful device. The hardware and operating system meet my needs quite well. The biggest issue for me was the keyboard. I was scared to death about the keyboard but I took the plunge (and two weeks later am happy to say I can use the keyboard just fine!).

    The Palm Pre Plus's speaker is quite a bit louder and clearer sounding than my old iPhone's speaker was. The ringer switch and volume switches are both easier to press as well. The headphone jack also seems to be easier to utilize.

    The downsides are the power port (which was fixed by removing the little power cover) which is hard to open and the power button. I really wish the gesture area would turn the device on.

    I have nothing but praise for the software side. While it does not have as many apps as the iPhone or Android devices yet, it makes up for this by having an elegant, simple, and easy-to-use task management system (multitasking).

    The true magic happened when I got the phone home, however. It is easy to turn on developer mode and make any changes you desire to the operating system, user interface, or default applications and easy to install new applications including applications not available through official means.

    Better yet, you don't have to jailbreak the device or make any truly dangerous changes to the phone in order to do any of these customizations! And if something does screw up somewhere along the line, you can use a number of recovery tools (the most drastic of which is the Webos Doctor) to reset your phone back to a factory state with no damages.

    As a developer, I am still getting used to the new platform. I am used to working in compiled languages much more than web based languages but I am catching onto new things quite quickly. I also plan to put my efforts towards the PDK as well.

    Of course, this review is only meant to be my opinion and does not speak for everyone out there. For me, the hardware and software are both perfect for me and the bottom line is I am happy with this phone.

    This phone can do everything I need it to do quite nicely and elegantly and if there is something it can't do, I can make an application myself to accomplish the task at hand.
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    Welcome to Precentral!
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    Welcome to the land of the webOS. Where Multi-tasking is reality.
    Palm webOS: "There`s a Patch for that"
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    Welcome to the small(er) but dedicated minority of Pre users! I'm jealous you have the Plus model, as Sprint only has the original model which is what I have.
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    Thanks for that! It's nice to hear some positive news for a change...
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    Hey welcome to the party

    It's good to hear you're off to a promising start with your new phone. I wonder,, if the iPhone forums had a "other phones" section and you posted that same note there,, what would their response be? I think iPhones are pretty good devices, but most of their users(/fanatics lol) have serious tunnel vision that can't see past the chomped apple logo
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    Welcome to the other side of the looking glass
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    If you really want to see the Pre Plus shine clock it to 800 Mhz.
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